Birthday Date~ (Killua X Reader)

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So Faby_Montana (thanku) wrote this as a birthday gift for me and I'll share it with you guys! lololol.

For those who greeted me, Thank you!

p.s I can't think of a title so bear with it, lol.

(n/n) = nickname

Killua knocks on the door, after constant reminding from Gon the white haired male shows up to (Y/n)'s house.

She opens the front door, slightly surprised to see Killua at her doorstep with flowers in hand. He juts them out, looking at the floor slightly. "Here." He mutters as she slowly takes them from his hands.

"Thank you Killua-kun!"

He stuffs his hands in his pockets, "are you busy?"

She turns to look in her house, her mother in the kitchen cooking up some of (y/n)'s favorite foods. She turns back, "nope."

He turns around and begins walking down her front steps, "let's go."

"Wait!" She calls in which he stops in his tracks. He only turns his head, his bright blue eyes holding a questioning gaze. "I have to change." She demonstrates to the pajamas she still had on and he sighs.

He stood outside although she offered to invite him inside. He kicked  nearby rock and chewed on his gum while he waited thinking about how he even got into this mess.


He turns and his mouth slightly hangs open, a blush creeping on his features. She looks at her outfit and back up at him, "I know its a bit dressy but my mom insisted.." She pushed some of her dark locks behind her ears as he only stares at her body.

"Y-you.. look nice." He immediately turns away, leading the way towards his destination.

After a while (Y/n) grow tired and drags her feet he notices and rolls his eyes, wondering how she was already tired. To him they haven't been walking long but to (y/n) it felt like years. "How much longer.." She groans, trailing behind him as he stops. She bumps into his back and he only hunches over, his hands sticking out slightly.

"Hop on." He tells her, looking around to see if anyone was around. (Y/n) flushes playing with the end of her violet dress.

"I'm wearing a dress.." She reminds him and his face twitches, in a perverted way obviously.

He tells her again, with a slight harsher tone in which she jumps on his back. He holds onto her thighs and uses his speed to travel a bit faster.

"Such nice thighs.." He mutters, liking the way her skin feels under his fingers.

They arrive to the rooftop in no time and he puts her back on the floor, she stumbles slightly before noticing the set up. "Wow.."

In front of a picnic blanket there are petals that spell out happy birthday, in which she puts a hand over her heart. "Killua!" She screeches, throwing her hands around him. She jumps and squeals, her body rubbing up against him.


They had a nice date and although her mother was making food for her she ate the food Killua (which was actually made by Aunt Mito) made for her. They watched the sun set and talked about a variety of things, a smile on her face the whole time.

"Thank you Kill." She stares into his eyes, his head turning away from the view.

"Gon did most of it." He shrugged, popping another piece of chocolate in his mouth as she hit him.

"Don't ruin the moment."

Although almost choking on his chocolate it successfully went down his esophagus and he grabbed her hand. She looked shocked by the sudden action in which he speaks truthfully. "I like you a lot (Y/n)." He couldn't meet her gaze, not even believe that he was confessing to a girl. "You've done a lot for me.. probably more than I deserve."

Her smile reaches from ear to ear, absolutely filled with euphoria, "I-I do it cause I love you Killua.."

Both sit in front of each other with the darkest blush on their faces, he takes a chance and leans in closer to her. He was so close to her, his breath mixing in with her own.

"Happy birthday (n/n)."

Gon is such a supportive best friend, lol.

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