Chapter 6:

((Jay's Point of View))

That night I watched as Chris fell asleep. Her face was so relaxed when she was asleep. She seemed completely at peace, unlike her usual tense expression.

I can't believe I allowed her to get hurt earlier. She says that it's not my fault, if only she knew though. It was my fault. It's always my fault.

When I was first thrown in here, I promised myself that I wouldn't get close to anyone. Yet here I am, wanting to get close to that little vixen. She has that effect on me, that just makes me want more. I sound like I am describing a drug, but perhaps I am.

“Stop staring at me,” she mumbles, rolling away from me.

I chuckle. “You have a little bit of drool on your face.”

That makes her sit up in bed. She starts wiping her face. “There is nothing there, jackass.”

I grin at her. “I know.”

“You are insufferable.” she groans, laying back down.

I grin. “Oh you like it, sweetheart.”

“Fuck off and let me sleep.” she tells me.

I chuckle. “Good night.”

Chris doesn't reply though. She's already fast asleep. Her arm is now covering her fact, just so I won't see her face as she sleeps.

Yes she is finding away through the wall I had built.  


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Sorry this is such a short chapter. I might update again later today. But I wanted to have a small chapter in Jay's point of view. Hope you guys liked it.

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