Chapter 2 | A Little Repair

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"I mean, I'm getting better," Marque said to Agent 34.

The archer sat on a bed that was in the corner of the white room. Cabinets lined the walls, with a bookshelf by his bed. Agent 34 sat in a chair that was in the opposite corner of the room.

"It's been a month since you got the cure," Agent 34 said. "I'm not sure if you're fully cured. I don't think it takes this long for recovery."

"It's the most dangerous virus in all of Renya," Marque said. "I'm pretty sure it will take a while to  repair myself. Plus, I'm doing fine now. There's no more pain."

"Marque, I'm serious. You need to heal up, or you won't be prepared for what is coming next," Agent 34 said, standing up.

"There's nothing coming," Marque leans his head back. "Braunick's dead. You killed him, Agent 34. You killed him and everyone inside the castle."

Agent 34 shuddered. He thought of Ismara, and how she was alive. She could've been inside that castle and they had taken her life from her when it all came down.

"The Zena never recovered a body when they went searching," Agent 34 said. "Listen, Marque. We may have won this war, but that doesn't mean there aren't more to come. Plus, we are the Destigems. We are the protectors of Renya! We can't not do our job just because our enemy was killed. We have to protect Renya at all costs."

"Speaking of Destigems," Marque said, clearing his throat quickly. "We need more. Three? No where near enough to help keep Renya safe. If we still had Ismara, that'd be nice. Thad could make a good member too, but I can't think of anyone else that we really trust that much. Not many people in the Zena would be fit for the job," 

"Not many people in Renya would be fit for the job," Agent 34 corrected him. "I just wish I got my memories back from Vrängr. If he's alive, I would do anything to get them back."

"Speaking of the rat," That's what Marque called Vrängr since he found out who he was truly loyal for. "There are rumors of him surviving it all and rebuilding Braunick's evil empire. There are also rumors of a new plan unfolding this very instant, and Urania is being the test dummy for it."

"That's bull," Agent 34 said. "There's no way Vrängr could have lived. I think he was in the castle when we crushed it,"

"No," Marque said. "Remember? Arenia had knocked the rat and his horse out of the sky and when they hit the ground they went unconcious from the impact. Both of them. You've told me this several times,"

Marque's nicknames for Vrängr had slowly grown funnier since the Battle of Brothers. At first, he simply called Vrängr a traitor. That was it. Then it progressed to "Disgrace of Renya", then to a "demon from hell" and now to a simple rat. Paöminar was always called Vrängr's horse, his nickname hasn't changed one bit.

"Either way, our scouts have been sent to Urania to find the body and reconstruct a new empire. The Zena will soon relocate there and become Renya's new leaders," Agent 34 explained.

"It'll be Thad as Renya's leader now?" Marque said, rubbing his eyes.

"Most likely," Agent 34 said. "It's been storming in Urania lately. Hopefully the scouts can get out before they get trapped there by the storm,"

"I don't think it'll be that bad," Marque said in a tone that made his voice crack slightly.

The conversation ceased, and Agent 34 reached into his left pocket and felt the shards of his gems sitting in it, He picked them up and took them out of his pocket, and just held them in his hand.

It had been a huge relief for Agent 34 to get his gem off his hand, after around a month of having it glued to his hand by Braunick. 

A knock sounded on the door. Both Agent 34 and Marque jumped when the door opened, not expecting anyone else to come in. Helina. the Zena's strongest healer who had been taking care of Marque since he became infected with Serphera, stood in the doorway holding a clipboard. Her eyes were glued to it as she scribbled notes on it.

"Thad wishes to see you, 34," she stated, not taking her eyes off her work as she walked into the room and threw herself down on a stool. 

Agent 34 sighed and said goodbye to Marque, then walked his way down to Thad's throne room, which was on the complete other side of the Zena.

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