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Y/n's POV

I struggle to breathe as Pennywise tightened his grip around my neck.

"Please." I manage to choke out, his golden eyes then change to a soft light blue looking sympathetic for only a second and then turn back to their golden bright glowing color.

His tight grip loosens letting me breathe, I take big breathes my lungs wanting more air.

He lets me down dropping me with a thump. I lay helplessly and weak on the ground, looking up at him stares at me with no emotion.

I cough still breathing heavily trying to calm my breathing down.

I look down at the ground not wanting to look at him anymore.

"Mine." He deeply growls, what? I look up at him very confused.

"Mine." He repeats slowly walking towards me, scared I crawl back not wanting him to touch me.

He lets out an angry growl and jumps at me being above me now and me underneath him so he's startling me.

I let out a shaky breathe and close my eye tightly scared of what he's gonna do next.

I then felt something warm, wet, and thick touch my neck and run up all over my neck.

It was his tongue. I gasp a little feeling his tongue all over my neck. He starts to bite and suck at my neck a little and I moan loudly once he finds my sweet spot.

He lets out a clownish laugh and keeps sucking.

Once he's done the spot in which is marked because I'm sure he left a mark, was now sore.

He sits up looking proudly at the mark he had left on my neck.

"Mine." He repeats again. For some reason I don't feel scared anymore, in a weird way I felt safe.

We just stared at each other's eyes until I closed mine for a while because the were drying up.

Once I opened them again he was almost looking at me in adoration, his hands moved to my face, he caressed my check softly and played with a strand of my hair for a little.

"Mine?" He said this time in a questioning voice.

I stayed silent letting him caressing my face. A few more minutes it got dark out he stood up and carried me bride style to my house.

On the way there I fell asleep in his arms, he got to my house and seeing that my dad was not here yet he opened the door and went up into my room.

He carefully placed me on my bed and stayed there for a little as he watched me sleep. I wasn't fully asleep my eyes were just closed.

Then he said the same word again.

"Mine." I could feel his hand touch my leg softly.

"Kitten." He then said softly making sure not to wake me up, too late, already awake.

"My kitten." He purrs.

"Soft, little kitten." His hands then move up to my waist to my flat stomach, I was wearing a crop top so you could see my belly button piercing. He touched it not wanting to hurt me, but it didn't hurt. He saw it didn't hurt or bother me so he played with it for a little.

"Innocent little kitten." He called out once again. Was he telling me I was his? His hands went further up to my boobs and lightly squeezed one of them, trying hard not to moan I stayed still.

His hands went further up to my hair and said, "soft." Thank you I know my hair is very soft.

He stand up my bed and one last time looks at me and says, "My precious little kitten." More confidently this time the I heard the ring of little bells and he was gone.

I finally opened my eyes and saw my dark bedroom.

He was gone.


His little kitten.

Never in a million year did I ever think I would be emotionally attracted to a creepy killer clown.

I stood up walking into my closet and picked out my comfy clothes to go to sleep in.

I go to the bathroom and wash all my makeup off then put my hair up into a messy bun.

I change into my comfy clothes which are soft sweatpants and an old shirt that's clean and nice to sleep in.

I was very sleepy but tomorrow was Friday so I just needed to get over tomorrow and then I'll have two days to relax and think things out.

I grab my phone and look through Instagram, Snapchat, text friends from California while cuddled up with a sleeping Scooby on my warm ass comfortable bed.

for a while then realizing it was 10pm I plug my phone into the charger and get comfortable in bed trying to go to sleep.

Right before I was about to fall asleep I placed a soft kiss on the top of Scooby's head.

Then closing my eyes wanting to go to sleep.

My phone buzzes on my night stand.

Are you kidding....I think no one wants me to go to sleep today.

I reach over for my phone to check what it was and it was a message from Eddie.

I smile at the thought of him, wait oh no Y/n you can't like Bill and Eddie at the same time.

I take a look at the message and it said,

Goodnight Y/n sleep with the angels and hope to see you tomorrow.

He's so cute sometimes I swear. I then text him back saying,

Goodnight Eddie, sweet dreams, hope to see you tomorrow too.

I hit send and place my phone back on my night stand next to my bed so I can easily reach.

I let out a big sigh and think about what went on today.



Now Eddie.


Bill is just so cute when he stutters and so nice, not like other boys you see now a days.

Then Eddie is adorable, he always has his fanny pack which I find cute and the way he speaks fast, it's so cute.

Then I realized all the guys from the losers club are different from other guys you see now a day, in a good way though.

Then never did I think I'd be falling for a clown.

Growing up clowns terrified me, Why is Pennywise different.

Huh I don't know Y/n maybe the thought that he's not human.

I said to myself in my head.

His baby like face and weird shaped hair, bright golden eyes that turn a light shade of blue when he's calm.

I don't even know, my feelings are all over the place right now I just want to sleep.

Closing my eyes soon darkness falls over me.



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