Epilogue Part 3: Love like Rockets

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Here We Go Again

Epilogue Part 3: Love like Rockets

POV: Dominique

If someone would have told me ten years prior that I was to be a mother, a housewife no less, I would have laughed hysterically, hexed them in their manly-bits or ovaries (depending if it was a bloke or a wench), and then marched right off with nothing but a hairflip and their agonizing cries behind me.

There was a plan ten years ago—live! Live like there was no guarantee of tomorrow. Get crazy (well, crazier), party, dance, sing, drink, eat, explore, do, and be as wild as I could.

Most of the family thinks that I was basically in school because Bill ordered it so, but that wasn't entirely true. Though I did (sometimes still do at this stage of the game) have a tendency to do the opposite of whatever my dear father asked of me, I was completely aware that having a proper education was going to get me going in life. Did that mean that I was prefect or Head Girl like perfect Victoire? No. I liked bossing people around, that's a given, but I never did quite see the appeal of snitching on my fellow classmates on their troublemaking ways (especially because they entertained me) or the couples caught romping each other in empty classrooms or broomstick closets (especially because several times I cost Gryffindor House points for being too friendly with blokes). The goal during my Hogwarts years was to get by as average as possible, all while actually maintaining a social life.

After Hogwarts, the plan was to bully Draco Malfoy into giving me an internship in his family company, all while pretending I was going to university for a business degree. In fact, I had began to activate that plan when I wrote to Aunt Hermione and mentioned how amazing it would be if she could get Draco Malfoy into letting me into his company, but then also stating how he probably would never take me in if she asked because Mister Malfoy didn't quite agree with her judge of character (since she married Uncle Ron, whom Mister Malfoy had a childish rivalry until forever and always). That was all I needed for Aunt Hermione to bombard Draco Malfoy on how brilliantly competent I was and how his business could only gain from my determination and ability to persuade. I thought it might take more than once for Mister Malfoy to see how I was beyond qualified for an internship in his company, but to my surprise he heeded my aunt's words and wrote to be immediately with the offer, (I suppose Draco Malfoy had a soft spot for Aunt Hermione).

Of course, that's when the plan sort of halted. All because one of my eggs decided to get fertilized without my consent and ended up developing an embryo I wouldn't know about until three months into its creation. Yes, Dominique Weasley became a teen mum (technically an adult one, seeing as in the wizarding world seventeen is when I stop getting tried as a child if I did any illegal activity, which perhaps was too many times—none of which I was ever caught doing, thank Merlin for that).

Fast forward months of carrying a large belly and Derrick Rowle, the father of my child, running off on me, when I came to the realization of fuck the previous plan.

Look, life happens unexpectedly, okay? You can plan as much as you bloody want to, but chances are that you are not going to hit every point on your list. That necessarily doesn't mean it's a bad thing; it's just different, new, and sometimes even better. And I've got to say, this new path I've been down on is so much better than anything I could have ever imagined.

Did I take a gap year to travel around the world after Hogwarts? No. I took a gap year and gave birth to my beautiful son Dustin. Did I get an internship in the Malfoy company at eighteen? No. I started working for the Malfoys as their marketing manager at twenty. Did I move around from country to country? No. Derrick and I bought a home in Brighton, somewhere close to a beach shore, and it was home; it was the only place I've ever wanted to be.

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