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Aloha Mers! This Next Shift If The Mental Shift. It's Where You Start To Act Like A Mermaid. This Includes Mood Swings, And That Type Of Thing.

Number One, SWIM OFTEN!


-Keep Hair Down Often.

-Make A Mermaid Playlist On Youtube.

(( Here Are Some Mermaid Songs:

-Mermaid | Train

-Part Of Your World

-Mermaid Tears ))

-Pictures Of Mermaids In Room / School Locker

-Paint Nails Pretty Ocean Colors

-Watch Mermaid Shows & Movies

-Brush Hair More Often

-Meditate At Night Or In The Day, Imagine Being A Mermaid.


The Last One Is The Most Important. Meditate As Often As Possible!

                                             Keep Swimming,

                                                                 ~ Isla ~

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