Chapter One

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Driving on the way to pick up my son from daycare, I looked over at Simone who was now sitting in the passenger seat doing her makeup so she could see Junior. "Yo, you missed a spot." I said pointing underneath her eye which was still a faint purple under the makeup she put over it.

"I know. I can't seem to cover it fully. I guess I'll just have to wear shades." She said, digging through the things in the middle console to find the sunglasses.

Noticing that she had stopped in her tracks, I looked over at her and was about to speak before I saw what was in her hand. "Wh–" She cleared her throat. "What are these for?" I didn't really know how to respond so I just decided to play dumb.

"What do you mean what are those for?" I looked back over at the road to avoid any type of eye contact.

"I mean what the fuck are these for? We haven't used condoms since the first year we got together and you made me get on birth control after I had Junior. There's only one condom left in this damn box, stop fucking lying to me!" She yelled out, throwing the box at my temple causing me to clench my jaw.

It took everything in me not to throw her ass up and out my car. I don't know what the fuck she thought this was but disrespect is one thing I won't tolerate. "Watch when we get home." Her facial expression immediately turned from stern to timid and frightened causing me to chuckle at her outburst of toughness. She was still the same old Simone. She always will be.

Sitting back in her seat, she continued to stay silent for the entire ride before putting on the shades once we reached the daycare. I turned off the car and turned to her.

"Stay here. I wanna surprise him. He's been askin' bout you nonstop every time I pick him up so..." I trailed off, shrugging before hopping out of the car and walking into the building.

I signed some papers and Junior was running into my arms in no time. "Wassup lil man? How was daycare?" I asked, sitting him on my side as one of the ladies handed me his bag before pulling out his animal crackers and handing some to him, beginning my trek back out of the establishment.

"Good. I learned my 123s." He responded causing me to smile and raise an eyebrow, telling him to recite them for me. "One... two... thwee... four... five... um..." Scratching his head, he began to think. "Eight."

I chuckled and gave him a high five before helping him out. "Six." I corrected him as he repeated me. "Seven. Then eight. Good job buddy."

Once we reached the car, I put him down and opened up the passenger side door revealing Simone who was smiling from ear to ear already. "MOMMYYYY!" He squealed, dashing into her arms causing her to embrace him tightly before planting kisses all over his face as he giggled. I smiled at the both of them and threw his bag in the back, jogging over to the driver's side and hopping in.

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