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Pen Your Pride


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I was laying on my bed reading a magazine, waiting for my boyfriend Andy to get home from work. I sigh when I realize how bored I was. I get on my phone and I start playing color switch.

A few hours has passed and Andy should have been home by now. I start getting worried so I dial his number and call him.

"Hello?" I hear his voice. "Hey, where are you?" I asked him. "Oh. It's a busy day today babe. I'm so sorry. I should have called you to let you know." He explained and I smiled. "No, no, it's fine. I just got worried a little bit." I told him. "Oh." Is all he said.

"I miss you." I spoke. "I miss you too." He replied. "I wish you were here so I could make out with you and touch you the way I do and so you can touch me the way you do." I said, using the tone of voice that always turns him on. "Mmm, baby your going to get me fired." He said. I smirked, "well then I can have you all to myself and we can have sex all day ever day." He sighs and hangs up. I smirk to myself and start getting dressed in some lingerie Andy got me the other day.

I layed on my bed in a sex position, I know Andy is most likely on his way home. He can never resist me.

I hear the door downstairs open and shut and I smile to myself. I see Andy walk through the doorway in the bedroom and I look down to see his bulge in his pants.

"Your are in so much trouble, little girl." He speaks. I smile at him and stay still. "But, daddy, I just want to have fun..." I said innocently. "Well I will be the one who's going to have fun." He walks to me and grabs me by my wrists and pulls me up, making me stand up. He presses his lips against my lips and lifts me up. I wrap my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He grabs my hair with one hand and pulls on it a little bit and grabs my butt with his other hand and squeezes.

He throws me on the bed and starts unbuckling his belt then unties his tie on his shirt. He pulls his pants down with his boxers and he takes his shirt off. He grabs the tie and pulls me over to him and stands me up against the bed pole and ties it around my throat, tying me to the bed pole. Thank god the ties is long and it isn't choking me bad.

He pulls my panties down and takes my lingerie top off. He kneels down on his knees and kisses my stomach, leaving small light hickeys all the way down to my vagina. He let's his tongue touch my clit for a few seconds, teasing me then he licks all the way up to my breasts, leaving shivers going up and down my body. He starts sucking on my breasts and then he sticks a dildo in my vagina. "Imagine that as my dick." He says and I feel even more juices dripping out of my vagina.

He starts scratching up and down my arms, all the way to my back. I let out a moan and he smacks me in the mouth. "Shut the fuck up." He hisses at me and I smirk to myself. I let out a moan again and he bites my neck. He starts sucking on my neck and thrusting the dildo in and out of my vagina. He takes the dildo out of my vagina and replaces it with his dick. He thrusts in and out deeply and rough. "Daddy..." I moan. He smack my ass and points at me like I'm a little kid. "Bad girl! I told you to shut the fuck up." He hisses at me once more.

Once he reaches my g-spot and I let my fluids out I moan loudly. And he takes his cock out and unties the tie that's around my throat.

He pushes me on the bed and gets on top of me and makes out with me. I make out back and he moves me over and replaces me with himself where I was laying-in the middle on the bed. He pulls me on top of him, my head down where his dick is. "Suck, or I will make you choke on it." He says. He starts eating my pussy out and I stick his dick in my mouth, sucking hard and pushing it deeper down my throat. I feel his tongue move all around on my insides and he starts thrusting his tongue in and out of me. I thrust his dick in and out of my mouth and he pushes my head down on his dick, making me choke on it. His fluids fill my mouth, as mine fill his.


The position your laying in and lingerie your wearing is on top but you can also imagine it your own way

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