Chapter 34

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The next two days were pretty uneventful. Louis stayed somewhat quiet, but thankfully, he eased up more and more each day. Monday evening he'd even come into the bathroom when I had been there to get ready for sleep. We'd brushed our teeth in silence, looking at each other through the mirror the entire time as we did so. It wasn't until we'd both put away the toothbrushes that he pushed me to the hard surface of the wall, his body flush against mine as he literally attacked my lips with his own.

It turned out to be one of the better make out sessions we'd had due to the frustration and desperation in it. You could tell Louis was bothered by the distance between us as well, even if it was his idea in the first place. Yet, I still understood him. I just didn't want to hide even if I knew it was necessary.

To say some sexual tension was building up between the two of us would be an understatement. We hadn't done anything, really. We'd just had heated make-out sessions and touched each other with clothes on, but we hadn't gone any further than that, which was pretty damn sad if you asked me. It was getting me really frustrated, and I wondered if Louis felt the same thing. I hoped he did because I didn't know how long I would be able to last without something more happening between us.

It was now Thursday morning and we were all sitting at the kitchen table for once. It rarely happened that we ate breakfast together on weekdays since mom and Troy usually went to work early and Louis was a heavy sleeper, but today mom and Troy would go to some meeting and Louis was up on time, which was the reason why all five of us were in the kitchen at the same time.

Louis was the last one to arrive though, and judging by the fact that he was just in his boxers and a wrinkly, white t-shirt, and that his hair went in every direction, I assumed he'd gone straight down here after he'd woken up. Although he looked extremely tired, he actually gave me a small smile when no one else was watching, making warmth spread in my chest. I loved it when he acknowledged me like that.

"Morning, Lou," Troy greeted, spreading butter on a slice of toast.

Louis nodded towards him and muttered out a 'morning' in reply. After that, he strode over to the table and sat down opposite me, beside Gemma. There was an empty bowl in front of him which had been waiting for him to arrive, and if I was the one who had placed it there, no one had to know. He filled it with cereal and milk before starting to chew on the food.

"Did you sleep well?" Mom asked, munching on her own cereal.

He turned to her. "Yeah, slept pretty heavily if you couldn't tell already," he laughed, pointing towards his unruly hair.

This caused every one of us to burst into a small fit of laughter. "Yeah, you're right about that," mom replied, giving him a smile.

Troy took a sip of his tea. "Alright, so Anne and I are going out tonight. We're having dinner together with the people present at the meeting. I expect you all to behave around each other, seeing as I know that all of you don't get along too well," he informed, looking at me and Louis knowingly.

Gemma burst into laughter, covering her mouth in order to stop the food from sputter out of it. "We'll see about the 'behaving' part, but I'll be staying over at Devon's tonight so you don't have to worry about me at least."

I wanted to murder her for pointing out the 'behaving' thing, but that would only make things more obvious, so instead, I chose to ignore it. However, I couldn't help but blush about it though. I knew she wasn't speaking of the fact that Louis and I couldn't get along, but something completely different.

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