Chapter seven - moving again

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I took one last look around the extravagant bedroom, the huge four post bed in the center and elegant chandelier hanging from the ceiling the room was enormous, once I was done looking I carefully stood up and made my way over to the room Kai had pointed to with the t-shirt in hand. I opened the door and placed my school uniform, excluding my blazer which I guess he took when I was unconscious in the car, on the counter along with the t-shirt Kai gave me to change into and stepped into the posh looking shower.

After washing way hair and body I wrapped around me a warm fluffy towel, I thoroughly hand dried my hair and began to put my underwear from earlier back on since i had been given no new  ones , unraveling the t-shirt I realized there was no bottoms or shorts just the very long t-shirt I sighed and put it on anyway, exiting the room with my uniform in hand I opened the door to Kai sitting just at the end of the very large bed.

He was faced the door away from me but he turned when he heard the door to the bathroom open. "Come on, I bet your hungry you haven't eaten in a while" without saying any more he grabbed my hand and my school uniform out of my other and started to lead me out of the room, throwing the clothes on the bed behind him as we walked out.

Arriving in front a set of double doors Kai turned to me and said "now you need to be on your best behavior" he kissed me on my head and opened the double door, he put is arm around my waist and pulled me Into the room, looking around there were about 7 other boys staring back at me, I quickly diverted my gaze to the floor and held my hands in front. Kai started pulling me to an empty seat on the others side of the table, I kept my eyes down but I could tell that all the gazes of the boys in the room where directed at me.

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