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He was passing through his favourite sword fighting competition.He saw two sword fighteres  competing.One of the soilder who was wearing a white outfit looked very different from others,his face was covered up but he was fighting amazingly.
Pratap became fascinated with this soilder's flexibility, moves,and quickness which is most significant in sword fighting and his petite figure was helping him in moving fast.He was on the top rank. He defeated 3 soilders one by one in no time. In the end the announcer declared him the winner and asked the croud if anyone wants to contend this brave soilder.
That was it. Pratap was so impressed that he himself wanted to test the soilder. So he jumped the pole and entered the competition ground. The way Pratap entered the ground with so much of confidence, the other soilder slightly grinned but as soon his eyes met Pratap's eyes he got struck in his place like he is been hypnotized. Pratap felt it quiet weard, the way he was staring at him, he came a lil closer and asked ' ready?' .  The other fighter came back to his senses.
The fight began. Pratap had never lost any sword fight before. In that century he was the best in entire India in fencing. The other fighter realised right away  with the first attempt from him that he is not an ordinary  fighter.Pratap was quite impressed with the fighters attacks. Pratap was about to fall twice but he Balanced quickly.So far Pratap was only playing defence, this was because he first wanted to test the opponent's skills and did not want to defeat him too quickly to hide his identity.
And at last Pratap decided to attack and finish off the fight. He started attacking on him with all his power and skills. The opponent managed to defend 4-5 attack's of his but on the 6th attack, he lost his compleat balance and fell on the ground facing down, his face and hair which were covered with a veil opened up and fell in the ground.What he just saw, could not believe his eyes. A long,silkey, beautiful hair restedon the ground, a woman in a soilder's outfit. Pratap was about to attack again but his sword stopped outrageously. He had never seen a woman in sword fight before. He could not believe that he was actually fighting with a woman.

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