Chapter #2: A Very Friendly Gesture


"Stay," I pouted to Evan as he put on his t shirt across from me.

Asher stood in the washroom, the door open as she shaved the stubble off his cheek. I sighed, holding my head up with my fist. I glanced over to Veronica who was laying on the ground by Asher's bed, her iPhone held right on top of her face as she texted away. She seemed to get comfortable with Asher quickly, and Evan too. I envied her open personality. I watched as the boys got ready to go to this "crazy Friday night party that every guy is going to" college party.

I was annoyed, partially because I was going to be left alone with Veronica back in our dorm room, listening to her loud laughs that could make a deaf man cringe- because they were that loud. Her outgoing personality wasn't something I was used to like I had been once before. Asher and her seemed to fit perfectly together, minus the fact that he was very mysterious and only spoke when he had a joke to say or snotty comment to state.

"I can't stay, babe. I told you we can hang together tomorrow, yeah?" he curled his lips down into a baby frown and walked over to me on his bed, open armed.

He smuckered his lips to kiss me and I turned my face the other direction teasingly, acting like a baby myself. "No. Don't touch me."

"Peytonnnn," Evan chuckled whole heartedly.

He flipped me around and made me lay on my back as he bent over the bed. "I promise we'll hang tomorrow, okay?"

I looked at his dark grey eyes, falling into a deep gaze. I couldn't help but to say fine, and turn my head back onto his soft pillow. He always got his way.

"We need to get the hell out of here, hurry the hell up lovebird," Asher snorted, nodding his head goodbye to Veronica. He held onto the handle of the door, tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for Evan to throw on his jacket and Converse.

She waved good bye and I narrowed my eyes at him. Asher was a chill guy but was always rushing Evan. I snorted to myself, hoping that he wouldn't poorly influence him. I felt like one of those selfish girlfriends who got mad at their boyfriends for going out. I didn't want to be like that, so I turned over to Veronica just as Evan closed the door.

"We should probably go back to our dorm rooms before we get caught up in the guys' buildings." I stated.

"I doubt anybody would know that we're in here; it's not like there's fucking sirens and whistles blaring that there are 2 girls in a boys' dorm room, idiot," she retorted sarcastically, getting up from the ground and towards the washroom.

She closed the door behind her and I sat up in Evan's bed, a cringe on my face. She annoyed me, but she did have a point. I groaned loudly, feeling bored and still kind of exhausted. It was nearly midnight and there were still 2 days until classes started. It felt weird being at college, it was almost like you were living with your whole group of friends. I still felt delusional about Veronica but she seemed like a party herself. When she walked out of the bathroom and towards the mirror hanging on the door, I took a moment to admire her bold looks.

I was jealous of her blood red hair, and the way her skinny waisted jeans made her hips curve in like an hour glass. She was a girl that I envied, and I wondered if she looked at me and wished she was as pretty as I was- that is if I'm even considered "pretty". I had a lot hidden under these long sleeves; a lot of nighmares that I didn't want to think of, look at nor be noticed. A part that I, in no way, was about to share with anyone.

I wondered how I'd gotten with a guy like Evan. So perfect and outgoing, popular and social. You'd see a girl like Veronica with a guy like Evan, and that made me frown.

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