Word Gets Around. Part 36

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23rd October 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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Fai's POV...

" It was bloody hard, let me tell you. But she stayed cool and calm the whole time with hardly letting out any kind of a whimper. I can't say the same about Jeremiah, though. She broke three of his fingers and made him cry." Aunty Peggy was saying with glee as she described what happened from the moment I gave her a call to the moment she came back with freshly washed and dried baby clothes.

" So, you were here when she had the babies?" Gamma asked her sister in law. This was the woman who Gamma named her youngest daughter after. She must have been some kind of woman to do that and had made a deep impression on her.

" When I knew that I wasn't going to make it to the hospital, she was the only logical choice to call." I said to them as I sipped from a cuppa tea before I thought back to these two ladies who became good friends are becoming part of the Tarin family.

The rest of us knew there must have been some story attached to the whole thing, but after all this time, I reckon we may never know what it is. Suffice to say, Gamma and Aunty Peg were very close with each other in a way that reminded us of the relationships that Poppa had with his younger brothers. It was very strong.

Anyway, after my aunty said that about Rem and how I broke his fingers, everyone either laughed out loud at the whole thing or commiserated with him. That was more the men and not the woman. So, I think the broken fingers were something the new fathers were all familiar with.

" Your grandmother broke fingers on both of my hands nearly every time we popped one of you kids out." Poppa was saying which got him a glare from Gamma.

" You make that popping out sound so easy, my dear." Gamma said to him after a moment as she looked at him with somewhat of a steely look to her eyes. One that shut Poppa up right quickly.

I knew that she will be getting him back for that later. The popping out that Poppa mentioned was never as easy as he made it sound when it actually hurt like a bitch. So, the broken fingers were just a fraction of the pain we felt when laboring in childbirth. That's what came to my mind after he mentioned that while I was going through the clothes that my aunt had spent the morning washing and drying when not having a cuppa tea.

The fact that she had a dryer in her house made it more easier. Aunty was back here with the bundle she found which included a few bunny rugs, sheets and cotton wraps to help make babies feel secure. But what made my babies secure was being wrapped with each other much still like before being born. That much I have noticed in the short time since they arrived.

At the moment, Beatrice was holding her newest great grand-daughter with Gamma holding their great-grandson. That sat side by side on the large couch in the lounge room comparing the two babies. But they were both still listening to the conversation happening around the kitchen table.

" You should have seen Caive when I mentioned to him about the babies arrival this morning so lightly in the conversation as he passed me in the bathroom after I got back and had already done a couple of loads before he got up. The poor dear really did look the worse for wear. But that will teach him in helping his older brother carry out those pranks they do on the newlyweds who stay the night. Then to come back butt naked like that. Anyone could have seen them." Aunty Peggy was saying with a snort here and there throughout that little bit of information.

" All I got to see was the back of them as they nabbed Jarryd and took off with him. That's an image I don't think I will be forgetting in a hurry, Gamma." Ollie was saying as she sat perched on Jarryd's lap with him bursting out in laughter as he remembered the event from his point of view.

" It was the bull riding that got me and did me in. I have never gone bull riding before and I hope never to explore that experience again any time soon either." My new son in law was saying with a smile.

But I saw the grimace slide across his face as he squirmed a little on his seat making me wonder if he hurt his butt last night. Which I'm sure he might have since bull riding is a painful business. But men will be boys occasionally and no matter how old they get, their minds and hearts are still very young of age.

" So, I imagine that I had a lucky escape then?" Rem suddenly said as he walked in through the back door with Poppa who had been outside showing Rem the farm.

" I wouldn't say helping me give birth to our children and me breaking your fingers was a lucky escape." I murmured just loud enough for the ladies closest to me to hear and burst out n laughter before looking at the splinted fingers Rem was nursing in that wrap that was around his hand.

Anyway, as the day wore on, the rest of the family heard about the newest additions to the family which had arrived early that morning and trickled in and out of the house to inspect them.

But come late morning, I was exhausted and could barely hold my head up any longer and had Mum go and sort the bed out for me so I could have a much deserved nap for a while. She even stayed to tuck me in and said for me to not worry about the babies. They will be well looked after and I didn't have any worries about them anyway.

I must have been laying there for a moment or two when I felt the bed dip beside me. I smiled knowing who it was.

" Admit it?" I quietly said to him and waited for him to answer me.

" Admit what?" He asked me just as quietly.

" Admit that you found it hard." I asked him. But I wasn't sure he understood what I was talking about.

" Hard about what?" He asked me in a befuddled tone.

" It was hard for you to fall for me? Admit it." I said to him as I slowly opened my very tired and bloodshot eyes and looked up at him as i waited for that question to get answered.

" Yes. It was hard." He finally admited to me with a small growing smile as he leaned down to me all of a sudden and lay another gentle kiss on me.

" I'm sure it was." I whispered back to him with a smile of my own.

" But worth the landing." He then said to me which surprised me. I did make it hard for him for a while. I wasn't because he had cheated on me or anything like that. Because it wasn't.

I made it hard for him because he was an idiot. Especially on a couple of occasions. But he eventually saw about fixing it. I was having a hard fall for him too. Or rather, I fell hard for him just as much as he fell hard for me. But his landing wasn't as rough as mine was.

But he caught me. Eventually. I couldn't help but think back on all the months that have past and remembered how much effort he put into getting me to accept him. Plus he more or less ran the gauntlet of the men in my family and passed.

I fell asleep with a smile on my face thinking about what the future was going to bring us. I can hardly wait to meet it. Head on of course. But that's for later.

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