WattCon Inspired

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This past weekend was WattCon, hosted at Wattpad HQ in Toronto, Canada. It was stimulating, inspiring, and lots of other impactful words. Like impactful! I literally can't stop thinking about my experience there and all the genuinely delightful people I met. It's undeniable to me that the connections we made will endure as we head off in our own directions, tapping at the white space of our screens, thanks to an unexpected sense of community that we've carried home.

Something else unexpected was that I would step off the plane and choose to immediately break my genre of Harry Potter fanfic in order to bring you guys an idea that's been knocking against the inside of my skull for years. So long, dearest comfort zone! Oh, the comfortable stories we could have told! 

Some of this came to mind during the Building Your Online Fanbase panel at WattCon. The rest is honestly y'alls fault, and a fair few hands of Cards Against Humanity. You'll understand how this relates soon enough.

For my Harry Potter fans: If you're looking for something that compares generously to the whimsical, canon-compliant narrative of my series based on the Weasley twins, this may not be your cup of Wizard's Tea. 

For those braver souls who are sticking with me: Happy Halloween. Let's set the stage...

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