Chapter 2

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Sonic POV (Dream)
I was in a black space and I saw Shadow and Silver I walk over to them.

Silver:Where are we?

Shadow:I don't know could this be a dream or a Vision?


Then everything starts to change show Mobius as it was a long time ago.

Shadow:So this was our home before it got destroyed.

Sonic:I guess so.

We see a guy that looked like all three of and had all three of our abilities. They were strong too they destroyed buildings and more. That's when everything turned black again. We all woke up in shock.

Shadow:What was that!?

Silver:I don't know but it seemed so real.

Sonic:Yeah it did.

Rouge:Are you Guys Okay I heard Shadow yell.

Shadow:Sorry Rouge go back to sleep.

Rouge:No I wanna listen.

Shadow:*Sighs*Okay But Anyways What was that?

Sonic:I don't know but whatever it was it had all three of our abilities Speed, Chaos, and Telekinesis.

Rouge:Wait someone else has your abilities?

Shadow:I will tell you later Rouge but please go back to sleep.

Rouge:Fine... *Goes Back to sleep*

Shadow:I got a feeling tomorrow is going to be a long day.



Silver:Anyways we should get back to sleep we will need our energy tomorrow.

Sonic:Okay Night

Silver:Good Night


*In the morning*

Amy:*Wakes up*

Rouge:*Wakes up*

Blaze:*Wakes up

Boys:*Still Asleep*

Blaze:And you would think they would be the first ones to wake up.

Rouge:They were up late last night talking about this dream or vision they had.


Rouge:Apparently they are having the same dreams.

Boys:*Wakes up jumping into a tree startled*




Silver:S..S..Shadow, S..S..S..Sonic a word please.



Boys:*Walks Away*

Blaze:Okay What is going on with the guys?!

Amy:I don't know

Rouge:Me either but let's follow them



*With The Guys*

Sonic:Okay this is getting weird... WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?

Shadow:I don't know Apparently these visions are real and they will happen unless we do something about it.

Silver:Yeah if we don't we could loose each other, our friends, and our home.

Sonic:We can't let that happen either.

Shadow:Looks like then we are heading to the next temple but do we bring the girls with us it could be dangerous.

Silver:I don't know...


Sonic:... *Looks down* I would feel guilty if they came with us and got hurt. But if they stay and get hurt I would feel guilty.

Shadow:How about we ask them?



Guys:You can come out now girls.

Rouge:How did you know we were there.

Sonic:Kind Of figures that you would follow us.

Shadow:So are you going with us or not?

Amy:I'll go.

Rouge:Me too!

Blaze:Count me in.

Sonic:Alright it's settled we leave tonight I will have to contact Tails again so if you will excuse me.

Amy:So you guys have to go to a temple?

Shadow:If we don't find out more about each other and our abilities then we have already lost this battle.

Silver:I still can't believe this guy that we have to fight is our dad.

Shadow:Yeah I can't either

Sonic:Alright I am back let's go get stuff ready to head out in a little while.


Sonic POV
Everyone walked back to camp. I watch and I stay standing there and I hear some coming. I turn to see a guy I jump in a tree and watch.

??:I have to find those kids for my power to increase and I can finally defeat them.

Sonic:*Looks at his face and quietly gasp* That's him. I have to get out of here with the others now. *Quietly jumps to the tree* Guys we have to get out of here that maniac is here I saw him.

Shadow:You saw dad!?

Sonic:Yes but he is looking for us to drain our energy dry out of us we have to leave now!

Silver:Alright Let's roll *Runs off*


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