Pool Embarrassment

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Good morning, no good afternoon, sorry goodnight bloomers! I know the worst updater in writing this book, but what can we do? I know, I'm not one to ask for votes and comments to release chapters, and I promise I won't still, but can people just vote! It really helps me know that I'm doing a good job. And if I'm not can you please comment or message me suggestions on what I need to do. I don't mind constructive criticism because truthfully it helps me as a writer improve. So anyone please enjoy. 

In shock I stared at the door knob as it began to move, it wasn’t until I realized that I was still naked that I screamed and dove for Katerina’s bed. I quickly scrambled to get under the covers as I heard the door creak open. Why didn’t I lock the door?

“Katerina?” I hear Peyton calling. Nervous I don’t respond and plead that he just goes away. Instead he starts to move towards the bed. Crap! “Why are you hiding under the covers?” he asks still thinking I’m Katerina. Then out of nowhere he rips the covers off.

“Ahh!” My high pitch scream fills the room as I flip my body over to shield myself from his gaze.

“What the fuck!” Peyton flips out. “What are you doing in Katerina’s room?” he hollers. I turn my head to the side and see that he is facing towards the other wall.

“I needed a swim suit.” I mention totally embarrassed, while still laying faced down on the bed.

“You should have locked the fucking door!” He turns around to yell at me, then realizes I’m still naked. “Put on some clothes!” he throws the covers at me.

“One I wasn’t expecting anyone to come in. Two go away so I can change!” I shout as I grab the covers and wrap them around my body.

Peyton turns around and sighs a breath of relief, seeing that I’m now decent. “Where is Katerina?” he wonders.

“Umm… she’s outside by the pool.” I tell him feeling uncomfortable talking to him naked. He nods and turns around to go find her, but before he leaves he turns around and makes a joke out of the situation. “Don’t forget to lock the door.” He chuckles as he closes the door behind him while I try to hit him with a pillow.

I quickly scramble towards the door and lock it shut. Then I slump against the door in frustration. Why can’t anything be simple in my life? I sit there for a couple minutes, reminiscing on how humiliating that situation was. I pull on my swim top, then grab one of Katerina’s cover-ups. As I was leaving, I went back to my room to quickly grab a pair of specks and then headed outside.

Once outside I see that Peyton is sitting on the lounge chair with Katerina, oh great more awkwardness. “Hey” I softly say not trying to bring attention to myself, already knowing that my face is bright red.

“Are you ok?” Leslie asks as she spreads sunscreen along her legs.

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be ok? ... It’s not like anything happened while I was inside … I mean come on guys! How could anything happen in like the five minutes ...” I look down at my wrist and see that I didn’t even have a watch on. “ ... I was inside getting dressed?” I stumble with my words and realize that I just added to their suspicions.

“I know your lying!” Katerina mentions as she comes to sit on the lounge chair with me. “Could this have anything to do with Mr. Alpha?” she smirks as she waits for my response.

“No!” I immediately answer. Both Katerina and Leslie give each other looks, which can only mean one thing. “I don’t! Stop giving each other looks!” I cross my arms together and put on a pout.

“Stop being childish. I already have to deal with this one.” Katerina motions over at Peyton who is off reading some magazine, ignoring us as usual.

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