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"This week was going great. Our relationship, or whatever one calls it was going great, Xander and I talked instead of fight..."

Xavier interrupts, "And when you guys are doing things other than talking, we hear,"

With a slight blush, "Shut up," Cara says.

"Look, to be honest, the piano situation was a really bad idea. You could have consulted me or Jonathan before you did it." Xavier says as he climbs out of the pool and heads towards the shade where Cara is seated.

Cara gasps at the asshole with the dripping wet 6-packs, "I did ask you and you said it's a great idea." She throws a towel towards his directions in anger.

Xavier catches it, "Yeah, don't take my words seriously when I am taking a Victoria secret model into my room." Xavier mutters before cleaning himself with the towel.

"I just wanted to do something nice. I thought that he has gotten to a place where stuff that reminds of him of his deceased don't make him sad, it just makes him smile in remembrance of them. Like my dad's motorbike or any stuff from my mum's."

"Yeah, but that only works for people that actually got over the death of their loved ones. To some people, it's too painful." Xavier sits down and throws the towel back at her, "Cara, I got a call that my parents were dead, it's less trauma than actually watching them die while you are stuck in the back seat," Xavier says,

"I just wanted to help," Cara says in regret. Her impulsiveness has always been her Achilles heel.

"And that's a good thing but my brother has his emotions tied shut, no need to stir it up."

"That's not a healthy thing," Cara mutters.

"It has worked just fine, my advice is to return the piano to the attic," Xavier says as he looks over to the pool. "Besides, he's happy now with you. I still find the way he smiles when you are around creepy but I finally like the girl my brother is with. For selfish reasons, I want you guys together."

Xavier's words come to a stop when his eyes catch Cassie walking over to their shade in a bright red bikini with bottles of beer in her hand.

"Thanks, I think," Cara mutters to a man who's no longer listening. She taps him on his left arm, "Hey, stop eye ogling my best friend, she's not going to be a sober distraction for you."

"She's not a distraction, she is the distraction." Xavier winks.

Cara shakes her head in disapproval as Cassie approaches them, she drops the bottles of beer on the table, "What did I miss?" Cassie asks, taking her seat as well.

"Nothing," Cara mutters as she rubs her stomach with full knowledge that she is not taking Xavier's advice.


"What are you doing here?" Xander asks with his guard up the minute he eyes meet with Liza's.

Liza closes the door of Xander's office with a smile on her face, "Relax, I am not with a gun or anything. In case you forget, I still have a contract to model for your company's latest jewelry designs. I just finished working."

When love was blind, work contracts were signed. Now, this contract will be a pain in Xander's ass, some people are really lucky not to see their ex's after breakups but Xander has no such lucks.

"You can't blame me, since the last time you were here, you made a move on me."

Yesterday's incident doesn't place Xander in a very hospitable mood today, so Liza couldn't have picked the wrong timing.

"I do recall you kissing me back," Liza places her index finger on her chin, "But it appears all is forgiven by your little girlfriend, I expected her to be a little bit mad."She pouts.

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