Hello there! So, I started Falling in Love with a Superhero with the intent of this story. When I was little, I lived in a cul de sac, and four little girls would jump on the trampoline in my BFF's backyard and DEFEAT THE BOYS! Phantom was born, and one of those friends were Anigirl. I've narrowed down the characters, (although Storm and The DM might show up- DM as in Dark Magician, my sister's character) But because those two characters were based on Marvel and Yu-Gi-Oh! I'll have to change their names. All the names are changed, and the looks of course.

But as FILWASH was progressing, it was eating me up inside that Phantom wasn't evil or witty enough, and without his innuendos, a Six-year-old could dream up. Plus, I made the main character a civilian, and not super. I lost sleep over it and grudgingly kept updating for those of you who read it. So I deleted it, after two weeks of stressing about it, I took out a notebook and ballpoint pen and started NINE different first chapters of this book. Then I went with the one I couldn't get out of my head.

I still can't stop writing it, and it's been three weeks. That's a good sign!

Sooooo..... Here you go!


UPDATE: I have been going through and editing this novel. If there is an asterisk by it, then that means it is edited. The construction is different too so there are longer chapters and WAY more information. New characters are introduced and the plotline is a bit thicker. However, it is a slow process as I edit so give the full editing process some time as I continue to comb through my own manuscript. I have also added some photos and such. 

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