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Okay waffles I am sad but also proud to announce that His Legendary Mate will be coming to an end soon I know very, very sad😥. But just wanted to say thanks for sticking it out with me this far and for those who's been here from the beginning you the real MVP😜😘.


Q:Do you have a updating schedule?.
A: No I usually write the chapters out on paper first then type it up on here and when I do type it on here I change most of things I wrote on the paper. Not only that I really busy and only find time to update rarely but I'm trying.

Q:Where are you from/born?
A: I'm born and from Sacramento, California.

Q:Is there going to be a sequel to His Legendary Mate?
A: No there will not be a sequel and honestly it's not going to be needed. When I do publish the last chapter everything will clear and all questions will be answered.

Q: Are you in high school?
A: Yes I am in high school currently on my third year.

Q:Since Athena is half wolf half guardian will her wolf get wings?
A: There is a lot of questions about this and I'm going to clear it up for you all. No Athena's wolf will not get wings when she completes her transformation.

Q: what's you favorite T.V show?
A: I have a lot The flash, Riverdale , Power, Empire, Arrow, Shadow hunters, Vampire diaries, Pretty little liars, and DON'T even get started about the old Nickelodeon shows as well as the old Disney shows and I'm talking about That's so raven, Kim possible, Even Stevens, Living life with Derek, Proud family, Hannah Montana, I Carly, victorious, etc. I think you get it😉


That's is my waffles, if you have questions just comment, oh and comment your favorite T

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That's is my waffles, if you have questions just comment, oh and comment your favorite T.V show from the list above^^^^ or not. Your choice

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