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~1 Year Later~

   I walked into Shigure's house after my extra curricular at school. "Yo! I'm home!" I heard light cheers from the den. I walked in and Shigure, Kyo, Tohru, Yuki, and Haru were sitting around the Kotasu. Haru stood up and walked up to me. "Hey, Kemi." He kissed me. I smirked. "C'mon... you can do better than that..." I then grabbed his shirt collar and kissed him fiercely. I then joined them under the Kotasu, sitting on Haru's lap.

   Ever since the curse was broken, we've been open about our relationship. Akito couldn't stop us now. Haru and I have been together for exactly 1 year. And I'm so happy about it! Hatori was cool with it too, so I was rather pleased. Haru smiled. "How was glee club tonight?" He asked. I buried my face into his neck. "Great... I might get a solo at the next showcase." He grinned. "Great Akemi!" He kissed my forehead and I could feel my face heat up instantly.

   This is what I love about Haru. Black or white, happy or angry, humorous or serious... he was always there for me... and loving me. I played with his fingers. Shigure looked up. "Oh! Akemi! I remember now... This year Tohru is graduating!" I raised my eyebrow. "Yeah... I know... So is Yuki and Kyo." He nodded. "Yeah yeah... So I got you a present." I raised both eyebrows. "A present? For me? He smiled. "Yup." He tossed me a bag.

   I looked inside and felt like throwing up right away. "Tohru won't be around to be my little flower and housekeeper... sooooo..." I took out the maid uniform from within and threw it at him. And... in unison... Haru and I said, "It's a surprise no one's locked you up yet..."

   Shigure cried. "Noooo Akemi.... I got it special fitted for you too! And Ayame gave me a discount!!!!" I looked at him skeptically now. "And how'd you get my size?" He then paled. "I uh.... asked Kyo?" Kyo growled at him. "No, you didn't..." Shigure's eyes darted around. "Tohru.... Yuki?" Neither spoke up. He sighed. "I may have checked your clothing sizes... and went in your room to get it..." I reddened. "YOU PERVERT!!!"

   Haru stood up. "C'mon Akemi... wanna go upstairs?" I nodded. "Yeah... and make sure he doesn't look around again." So we got to my room and flopped on my bed. "First day of the the spring term... over and done." He smiled. "Last year, I told you you'd have 10 billion guys on your trail... it happened this year." That was true... I'm a little more... erm... developed now, and I had about 5 guys following me around  ...

~Flashback: 4 hours earlier~

   "H-Hey... uh.... Akemi?!" I turned to face Tsukune. "Yes?!" I asked, with a friendly smile. He blushed rapidly. "I uhh.... wanted to know... if you'd work on a project with me?" I nodded. "Of course! Sounds like fun!" He smiled nerovusly. "Oh... uh... y-your boyfriend... cousin.... Haru is here." I smiled. "Yeah!" He blushed. "D-Don't you want to talk to him?" I shook my head. "Tsukune, I talk to him all the time. I can talk to other people, you know..."

   He looked surprised. "You can?" i laughed. "Of course I can! You're so silly!" I said shoving him lightly. He invented about 60 new shades of red. "That's great." I hugged him and I heard a shaky sigh. I pulled back to realize he fainted.

~Present time~ 

   I smiled. "Aw calm down... none of them will match up to you..." He smiled as I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I kissed him on the nose. "I love ya, you know." I said with a shy smile. He kissed me on the lips. "I am aware." I got down and brought his face down close for another kiss. Then we both laid down on my bed and stared at the glow in the dark stars I stuck on the ceiling.

   I pointed upward. "That one's supposed to be Orion... and that's a sagittarius." He kissed my forehead. "What's your sign again?" I smiled. "Pisces. That them over there..." I pointed toward the far left corner of the room. "They're the fish."

   He smiled. "Yeah... and I'm the crab... I think that's called Cancer... where's that?" I stood up on m bed. "Right here." He smirked. "The little book worm's been studying again?" I punched him. "Shut up." I kissed his ear and he smiled. "I love you." I licked his ear, just to tease him. "I love you, too, you idgit."


   Sorry, it was suckish. I ran super low on ideas.So they live happily ever after blah blah blah, whatever. I was considering writing a lemon... but I don't roll that way, dude. Sorry. I want to thank everyone who read this book, and I will incude a sneak peek to another story and news in my final author notes. 

Kisses, Rizzo Clark

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