Chapter 64

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(Gemini POV)

I Got Pride But Tay... Her Pride Is Bigger. She Haven't Really Talked To Me Since The Incident Which Was 2 Days Ago. Since She Wanted To Petty And Not Sat Nothing To Me. I Did The Same And Didn't Say Nothing To Her.

I Was Laying On My Back With Both My Hands Behind My Head As I Watched Futurama. Tay Obviously Couldn't Sleep. She Kept Twisting And Turning.

Tay Then Got Up And Went To The Bathroom. When She Came Back She Climbed On The Bed And At The Corner Of My Eye I Could See Her Looking At Me.

"What?" I Said Without Taking My Attention Away From The TV.

"I Can't Sleep" She Said.

"And" I Said.

"Can I Lay On You?" She Asked Me.

"Nope" I Said.

"But Babe" She Whined.

"Don't But Babe Me" I Told Her.

"Mmmmm Baby" She Whined Some More.

"Noooopppeee" I Said.

"Why You Wanna Be So Mean To Me?" She Asked Me.

"Me?" I Asked.

"Yeah You" She Said.

"What About You Tay???" I Asked. This Time Looking At Her.

"What About Me?" She Asked.

"You Been Giving Me The Silent Treatment For 2 Days Now... All Of A Sudden You Need Me" I Said.

"I'm Sorry About That" She Said.

She Surprised Me. Tay Don't Usually Apologize That Easily.

"Ok..." I Said.

"Ok??" She Asked.

"That Don't Tell Me Why You Gave Me The Silent Treatment" I Told Her.

"It's Nothing" She Said.

"Yes It Is" I Said. "When My Baby Doesn't Talk To Me For Two Full Days... I Automatically Know Something Is Wrong" I Told Her.

"But..." She Began To Say.

"But.... You Better Not Be About To Lie To Me" I Said.

"Ok" She Said Giving In.

"Ok What?" I Asked.

"I Didn't Talk To You Because I Felt Bad For Not Believing You" She Said. "I Didn't Know What Else I Should Say After That" She Added.

"You Know I Love You Right?" I Asked Her.

"Yes" She Said.

"Now Since You Do..." I Said Sitting Up. "You Should Know I Love You Enough To Forgive You" I Said.

"I Know" She Said.

After A Few Seconds Of Silence. Her Looking Away From Me And Me Looking Right At Her. I Gave In.

"Come Here My Big Baby" I Said.

With That She Came Over To Lay In My Arms. I Pressed Some Kisses On Her Forehead And She Returned Kisses To My Lips.


"What I'm Gone Need You And Tay To Do Is Stop Being Petty" Ma Said As She Walked Into The Living Room.

"Whatever Ma" I Said.

"Whatever Me All You Want... Just Remember You Can Get This Beat Down" Ma Said.

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