Chapter 1

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No One POV
Sonic, Shadow, and Silver they are the three long lost brothers. Sonic with super speed, Shadow with chaos, and Silver telekinesis they all don't know they are brothers they are just best friends with more friends two of the brothers got a girlfriend one is just nervous to tell her Shadow is with Rouge and Silver is with Blaze they are all the same age exactly the same age. Sonic is nervous to tell Amy that he loves her  it his best friend Tails try's to help so does Shadow and Silver. They are always together Sonic, Shadow, and Silver always felt comfortable in each other's presence like they were family when they really were. No let's head over to what they are really doing.

Sonic:So Tails this type is a ruin of what?

Tail:The Kingdom Of Mobius the structure that stands. Over the years it got old and started to rust.

Silver:Okay so we are going to explore the area?

Tails:Yeah you three will search one half and Amy, Rouge, and Blaze will search the other half.

Shadow:Okay let's Go Guys.


Sonic:On it

*The girls walk up*

Rouge:I swear I think their brothers.

Blaze:Yeah I think everyone thinks that.

Amy:Other than me and Tails they are really close to Sonic.

Tails:Yea I agree with you Amy. Anyways I should get back to my plane see you guys in an hour or maybe two.




*50 minutes later with the guys*

Silver:We searched everywhere but there is nothing here it looks like it was all taken.

Shadow:Yeah I agree with you there what do you think Sonic? Sonic?

Sonic:Uhh Guys I don't think everything was taken *Walks up to the book*


Silver:*Follows Shadow*

Sonic:It says the three long lost brothers were three brothers that the queen separated because of their father got a hold of them then everything would change. All of Mobius would be destroy there ability would be sucked out of them to destroy the kingdom and killing them in the process. With that the Queen their mother made a hard choice to separate her and her children from each other all we know are the children's names we have no other information about where they are now. The names are



Silver:And Sonic




Sonic:*Grabs The Book* Let's get out of here and meet with the girls...


Shadow:I agree...

*10 minutes Later they find the girls and leave the structure*

Amy:So did you guys find anything.

Sonic:*Hides Book*

Shadow:No nothing at all

Silver:It was an empty space there

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