"Or Never Mind Then?"

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"Ugghhh," I groaned turning my alarm clock off from my phone. I then cuddled back into my warm comfy bed, and slowly fell back asleep.

I soon felt a lump crash onto me and groaned, feeling pressure on my stomach.

"Luke get off!" I mumbled, feeling myself get crankier and crankier by the second.

"Mom said you have to get up!" He said, starting to jump. I kicked his leg back making his face fall first on top of the covers. He looked back up and pouted. "Hey that was mean."

I pouted back at him. "Aw poor you," I said as I tousled his hair a little.

"Hey, Hey! Watch the hair!" He lightly smacked my hand away getting off my bed. I stared at him in shock at the words he said.

"Ok sassy," I replied getting up from my bed and picking out some clothes to wear.

I decided to just wear leggings and a plain random shirt. I got ready once Luke left my room. I put on light makeup and I put my curly hair in a top knot.

"Good morning Tatum!" My mom smiled as she was making breakfast.

"Good morning," I replied, sitting down on one of the stools.

"So, do you want me to take you to school on your first day?" She asked looking up at me here and there.

"Mom, I love you, but it's bad enough being the new kid, and then the new kid showing up with their mom? Thats even worse." I answered, eating my cereal.

"Ok then, you better leave now or you're gonna miss the bus."

"Ok, bye love you!" I called out as I walked out the door.

I started walking towards the end of the street where my bus stop was going to be.

"Hey Tate!" I heard a familiar voice behind me, I turned around and it was Grayson. I could tell it was him since he had an earring and plus he's the only one who's been talking to me out of the two.

"Oh hey." I said back as he was walking towards me.

"Heading to school?" He asked, but then looked embarrassed for asking that question.

"I'm guessing long valley high?" (A/N: Idk if this is the school they went to so just go with it.)

"Yep, thats the one."

"So, you want a ride?" He asked pointing towards the black truck, where Ethan had just gotten in.

"Uh, actually I was just going to take the bus," I looked behind me pointing to the bus stop area, but then seeing the bus leave.

"Or, never mind then." I turned back around facing Grayson, laughing a little.

"Come on." He walked back towards the truck, me following behind him. I got in the back seat sitting behind Grayson.

"Hey Ethan." I politely said. Even though he was rude to me I'm still going to try to be nice to him. Grayson looked at him nudging him.

"Hi." He mumbled grumpily, staring out the window.

After a couple minutes we finally made it to the school.

"So, Tate if you want I could show you around?" Grayson asked as we got out of the truck. Ethan rushed away hurrying into the school.

"I know that it's none of my business, but is he okay?" I asked actually worried. I just met him, but I'm curious on he's acting like this.

"Well if I'm being completely honest, no he's not, it's just his personality but I promise you he's really nice. Just give him a chance." He smiled. I nodded and soon we made it to the office.

"Gray gray!" A female voice shouted across from us.

"Dani!" He mimicked her as she jogged up to us, slowing down as she got closer.

"Who's this?" She asked looking at me and then at Grayson, or as she says "Gray Gray."

"This is a new student and my new neighbor Tatum, Tatum this is Dani, my best friend." He introduced me to her. I smiled and shook her hand. She was really pretty. She had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a nice body frame.

"Hi, nice to meet you and welcome to New Jersey!" She politely welcomed me and shook my hand. I really hope to be best friends with her.

After Dani left we walked into the office.

"So, gray gray huh?" I looked over at him holding in a laugh.

He looked at me smiling and nudged me. "It's a nickname she picked out, it could've been worse."

I raised my hands up in surrender not saying anything at all.

"Hi, I'm Tatum Williams, I'm new here."

"Oh, Hi! Welcome to Long Beach high school!" She gave me some papers and my schedule.

"I hope you have an amazing year here!" She smiled. I replied with a 'thank you'.

"Let me see your schedule." He took it out of my hands before I could even say anything.

"Oh cool, we have gym, algebra 2, and forensics science together. You have world history with Ethan, English with Dani, and then A lunch with all of us." He explained handing me back my schedule.

"I'll give you a quick tour before school officially starts."
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