👑Chapter 29👑 Silent Tears

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I ran as fast I could, my breathing heavier than the last time I touched the line.

I touched the black line as my fingertips had a glaze of dust on them. I ran back as fast as I could.

I heard coach blow the whistle which made me sigh and thank God.

These early basketball practices were really wearing me off.

Especially because I also had a job.

"Good job girls, I better see those legs running like that at tomorrow's game" coach said tapping Jen's back.

I wiped the sweat that was forming under my hijab on my forehead.

"Run the drill girl's!" coach yelled.

"Damn, he yells so much" Jen grumbled drinking her water.

"I know, it gives me cancer" Avery said.

I couldn't help but laugh.

"That's a terrible reference" I shook my head.

"I know" Avery said scrunching her nose "Forgive me Jesus!" she yelled at the gym ceiling.

I laughed even more.

I ran to my spot, so did the girls.

"Go!" I yelled slapping the basketball in my hand.

I past the ball to someone beside me. As soon as they got the ball, I ran through the middle and back out to the side of the 3 pointer line.

Basically you swing the ball in a semi circle then, when you pass the ball and cut inside the middle, then run back out filling the empty spot.

This tricks the opponent into thinking you're running into the middle to shoot, but you're really just filling in a spot.

"Okay girls, good work. End on a good one then, we meet in the middle of the gym" coach said.

'End on a good one' was to make a basket before you leave every practice.

I did a quick lay up and ran inside the storage room to put basketball away.

When I opened the door, it already swung open. I fell forward and was ready to feel the impact of the floor to my face.

I felt my face hit something hard, but soft at the same time.

I know, I don't make sense.

Muscular arms wrapped around me and my breath hitched.

My head stayed buried into a chest, and the smell was too familiar.

I was so embarrassed that I didn't even want the person to let go. My body shook a little as I felt frozen.

Why couldn't I move?

Oh Allah (god) please help me.

"Beads it's me, calm down" I heard a voice whisper.

My heartbeat slowed down and I sighed.

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