Dreams Do Come True Part 2 (Renjun)

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SM University was finally home to you.  You'd been going there for about half a semester, now, and everything felt strangely comfortable.  At first, you cowered under the shadows of the tall buildings that stretched up to the sky.  It helped that you had your older brother Na Jaemin there to keep an eye out for you, but he couldn't always be there.  There were some things you'd had to face on your own, like learning what it felt like to eat alone.

"Mind if I eat with you?" you heard a familiar voice, and you were pulled out of your thoughts of the past.

"Go ahead," you moved your lunch tray aside, so Renjun had more space to eat.  He wore his SM University jacket, the zipper halfway done, and the sleeves were rolled up, revealing tan forearms, and you had a hard time peeling your eyes away before shifting your gaze up to his face.

"What were you thinking about earlier?  You seemed like you were in a totally different world."  

You nodded, "I was.  Remember when we first started here?  That was a whole three months ago!  And we're basically like different people now."

"Different?" Renjun smirked.  "Ms. Moomin, you haven't changed a bit."  He poked your cheek as he said so, and the two of you burst out laughing.  He savored the image of your mouth twisted into the cutest grin that gave him a flash of your perfect teeth.  He thought of his hyungs and dongsaengs he would be seeing after school for a little "meeting".   

"You got this man!" Mark exclaimed in English, clapping a hand on Renjun's wiry shoulder.  "Maybe take her out to a movie?"

"I'm not sure if she likes sci-fi, and I would ask Na Jaemin, but I'm kinda scared since he's her older brother, which means he could beat me up if he wanted to.  He's in the same grade as you, Mark," Renjun sighed.

"You're really smart, and you'll probably figure something out, hyung," Jisung reassured him.  "What are you so worried about?"

"The fact that I have no dating experience whatsoever.  How am I supposed to approach her?  What am I supposed to say?"

Haechan cleared his throat.  "Here, let me help you."  He coughed, and suddenly, his voice reached two octaves higher.  "Hi, my name is Y/N.  I'm super pretty and hot, and I guess you could say that makes me pretty hot."  

Chenle laughed, his dolphin-sounding squeal causing the others to crack up, as well.  "You just have to be yourself.  Do you want Y/N liking you or you pretending to be someone else?"

Jaemin walked up to the group of friends, smacking a hand on Renjun's shoulder.  "Hey, what's up?"

Renjun automatically began trembling.  "I need girl advice."

Mark looked worriedly between the two before gesturing at the other to keep their lips zipped.  

Jaemin laughed.  "Girl advice?  Alright, tell me everything."

Renjun bit his inner cheek.  "Ummmmmmmmmmmm, so there's this girl I really like.  I know she's really into this one character.  Every time I see her, I want to tell her, but I get nervous because suddenly I can't figure out what to say.  And then I'm sorta nervous about something else."

"What's that?" Jaemin asked.

"The older brother.  She's got an older brother, but I don't think he'd approve of me, and that worries me because I really wish he would look favorably upon our relationship."

Jaemin raised an eyebrow.  "I give you my support.  If any of you were to date my younger sister, I would feel the most comfortable if it were you, Huang Renjun."

"HEY!" Haechan pouted.  "What about me?"  

Renjun turned to Jaemin.  "How'd you know?"

The older brother shook his head while smirking at the floor.  "To be honest, I've had my suspicions for a while, now.  You're always there for Y/N, cheering her up and putting a smile on her face.  I would say go for it, if you're sure you like her."

"Um, can you help me plan something, then?"

You walked into the empty classroom where you took biology.  The lights were on, but no one was in there.  You were sure Renjun had told you that he meant this room when he asked if you wanted to study.  But where was he?

Slowly, you approached the front of the room, and all of a sudden, the lights turned off.  You loved watching horror movies, but you were still scared out of your mind.  What was going on?  You knew Renjun would never put you in harm's way.  Even though you were frightened, you were pretty sure Renjun would save you.

Then one light shot on, focusing on the desk right next to the podium, and standing there was none other than Renjun.  He looked handsome with his hair done up, the light shining on his boyish face.

He began singing softly, before his friends crawled out from behind the podium, doing an A capella performance.  What surprised you the must was how he maintained eye contact, singing the love song sweetly.  There was no way you could control the obvious blush spreading across your cheeks.

"I like you, Y/N," Renjun finished.  "You're the Moo to my Min."

You ran to the boy, hugging him while your brother and the rest of the group laughed and cheered you on.

"The most important question is whether I'm the Moo or the Min."

A/N: I finally got around to posting chapter 1 of my new fanfic Heartstrings.  I hope you all show it the same love and support you've shown this series.  Love you all :)

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