Sunday Topics

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Today sunday topics come from my friends who has questions you all who are reading this may also join in on this if you have anything to say.

Topic 1 : 'Older men who like younger girls.' From Jakeyasw1997

My answer: Now if a man knows a girl is way older than him then he has some thinking to do and most likely hes only about one thing.

Topic 2 : 'Favorite youtuber' minnie1bae

My answer : I like to watch Kway and Lala. Gotdamn Zo. I just started watchin perfectlaughs videos her pranks be funny af. Thats about it fr i need more people to watch.

Sidenote on the youtubers I dont watch De'ara and Ken whatever there names are they seem fake to me everybody love them smh.. i really dont know why.

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