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I know I said that I wouldn't post on here again but I've about had it with the "mendes army."

Btw I'm not calling anybody out specifically.

So last night Shawn and Hailey Baldwin were together and there are pics of them. Then they tweeted "craY" at the same time on the same date. Because of this, people are starting to assume they are dating.

Neither of them ever confirmed it, but the "mendes army" assumed they were and started to hate on her.

I couldn't believe the comments I was seeing on her page. Are you guys even fans of him anymore? If you were a real fan, you would support him no matter what his decisions were.

He should be free to date whoever he wants, whether you like it or not. He's an adult and he's exposed to the real world, which means that he can be attracted to people.

Also, Hailey's such a nice, beautiful, and loving girl. She never did anything to Shawn, so why is she getting so much hate?

They might just be good friends. Whether they're together or not, you should still support him because you love him. And if you don't like her, then leave, because there's no room for negativity in this world anymore.

All people care about is getting attention for being a hater, and it's so stupid to think that people will notice you if you do so.

Hailey is a great person and so is Shawn, so if the rumor is true, be supportive and let them live.

I love you guys 💕

- sel 💕

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