|Patrick Stump| "I'm Here To Stay."

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You awoke to a low growl of some Zombies, banging at the door

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You awoke to a low growl of some Zombies, banging at the door. You sighed and turned on your side, looking at the pile of firecrackers on the bedside table.

Your feet made their way to the floor as you stood up, quickly readjusting the clothes you had slept in. You grabbed the large rucksack and the fire crackers before striding into the bathroom, the water hit your face delicately as you gently began to wash it. You took the water and filled a few bottles with it. Before taking some Morphine.

You had been bitten a couple of days ago, the morphine reduced the pain but didn't get rid of the bite, you were lucky enough to stop it spreading with the antiseptic you had, at the moment it hurt like a bitch.

You looked towards where the Zombies congregated at the front of the house, meaning you'd take the back. You threw yourself out the door, before sprinting towards a black truck, which had blood smeared along the paintwork. You climbed into the front seat at jumpstarted the truck, speeding off, hitting a horde of Zeds as you drove on.

You didn't know where you were going, all you knew was you were alone, and all you had for communication was a fucked up radio that sat in the front of the car. You sighed, slouching into the seat, tapping the steering wheel with your finger.

"Sure I can send a scout over- static" The radio sounded causing your head to quickly avert towards it, your hand slamming down on the voice button.
"Hello is anyone out there, I've been trying to dial up pretty much everyday."
"Hello? Yeah we've got a few guys up here at the church."
"Jesus I'm miles from there, I ain't got enough fuel to last me that long."
"I'll send someone out."

You climbed out the car and unloaded it, tossing a large red sack on your back. Grunting in pain as the weight of it overwhelmed you. Your gaze averted into the desolate surroundings. Your breath forming a fog as you let it out. You could feel the cold wind of the cold season rolling in. The sounds of the dead quietly echoed in your ears as you looked to one side, noticing a few of them approaching.
"Shit, an infestation." You whispered, taking a machete from your holster. They began to charge at you as you grabbed a gun in the other hand, shooting the few at the front. You looked around, widening your eyes as another horde of zombies ran towards you. You stepped back and began shooting again.
"Shit shit shit. God damnit." You cursed.
A car could be heard from the distance, you hoped it wasn't the army as you plunged the machete into another zombies head.

You noticed a group of soldiers pile out of the van, killing a few of the zombies. Before aiming their guns at you.
"Shit..." You muttered.
"Ah, Y\N... How lovely to see you again."
"General Smith..." You growled looking over to the neatly dressed man.
He smirked and walked towards you. Lifting your chin with his hand, you narrowed your eyes at him and took your chin away from him.
"Don't touch me."
"Well honey, you violated one of our laws-"
"Yeah some shitty law for escaping from you, after you constantly abused me mentally and physically!" You yelled.
He smirked, stepping towards you, his boots tapping on the concrete, a chill went down your spine as he placed a gloved hand on your shoulder.

"Get off me." You growled.
"Oh darling, why don't you come back with us, you've been out here what? Six days? You're not going to last much longer..." He chuckled.
You looked at him and moved his hand away from you. A car engine roared in the distance, causing you and the group to look over. You ran through them and felt the guns be pointed at you again.
"Y/N get back here now, I'm not done with you!"
"I'm done with you, you pathetic excuse of a human!" You cried. Climbing into the truck, which you hoped was the one it was supposed to be.
"Drive." You breathed.
The car sped off down the road and across a large field. You looked to your side at the driver, he had blonde hair and a baby face, he had blue eyes. Almost recognisable.
"P-Patrick?" You stuttered.
His head snapped round, his eyes instantly locking onto yours, he slammed his foot on the breaks, his eyes still fixated on you as you felt the jolt from the car stopping.

You nodded you head and smiled.
"Get out..." His face turned sour.
"I said get out..."
"Patrick you can't leave me here please."
"Get... Out..."

You gulped and sighed, opening the car door to get out, you started walking away, only to hear the other door open and close, you looked behind to see Patrick walking to you.
"I never said leave..." He embraced you tightly. "I thought you died back at the camp."
"I know. I'm glad you're still kicking." You hugged him back.
"Who were those men?"
"The army, General Smith saved me back at the camp so now he thinks I owe him everything... Even my own body... He had another thing coming..."
"All I can say is I'm glad you're back Y/N. It's nice to have my girlfriend back..."
"You haven't been seeing anyone since I disappeared?" You questioned.
"No, too scared of losing em like I did with you."
"I'm here now, I'm here to stay." You leaned up to kiss him, he kissed you back with passion and love.

"Come on before we get eaten." Patrick chuckled.
"Alright." You smiled, getting back in the car.

You opened the window, feeling the wind in your hair as you headed to the church.
"What's your base like then."
"It's pretty sealed up really, don't get many attack's."
"That's good." You smiled

You got out the car and looked at the gate, which Patrick opened, you were approached by a woman with blondish hair.
"Lily, this is Y/N."
"Is she bit?"
"No..." Patrick scowled. "She's fine."
"Ah Sorry Pat." She muttered, she looked to you and smiled.
"Welcome to the church."
"Thank you."

You walked by Patrick and watched him, he scowled as the two of you walked away. You grasped his hand and held it.

"What's wrong?"
"This fucking planet. It's gone to shit and if you get but you've got a bullet in your head..."
"Patrick... I know but I'm here now. I love you."
"I love you to, and I'm never letting you out of my sight again."
"I'm bit..." You looked at him, raising your shirt.
"What?" He whispered
"Please don't tell anyone; I've got enough meds for myself to get through. Just please."

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