Chapter 2

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Last time on "The Lawyer":
Bree: I want a divorce!


C: What do you mean a divorce?!
B: I mean we're breaking up. No more "I love you Bree" or "Wake up Bree you're gonna be late" or "Get me Coffey" or "Get my suit ready" or anything else!
C: But I love you! I'm sorry I cheated on you, but please forgive me. I BEG YOU.
B:" Do you really think I'm gonna forgive you for cheating on me with Angie. After I told you everything she did to me?"
C:"I mean No, but I hoped you will. Because you are a really forgiving person."
B:" Well I won't forgive you for this, I'll call you when I have details for the meeting. And you Are going to sign the papers, Am I CLEAR?"
B:"I saide Shhhhh"
B:"I'll be going and taking my stuff with me"
A:" Please do, I was going to throw them out to put my stuff anyways"
B:"You do that, and I'll just leave."

3rd P.O.V:
Bree walks to her dresser where she pulls out 2 bags and quickly packs everything she has then walks out of the bedroom down the stairs and out of the house.
When she's outside she gets in her car and drives away. After a good 10 minutes she arrives in front of "KIDOO" and gets out of her vehicle. Bree takes a deep breath then goes in, she asks for the owner of the nursery and waits. Five minutes later he calls her in.

Bree's P.O.V:
I can't believe I'm gonna do this. But I can't stay here it reminds me to much of him.

B:"It's been 1 month since we got married and I still can't find a job."
C:"B I told you, you don't have to work. I want you to be relaxed. And I don't want my girl to work.
B:" Well your girl wants to work, I don't like sitting around and not doing anything."
That's when we passed by a nursery where I saw parents dropping off their little babies. It made me think how in the future these parents are going to be me and Chris.
B:"Babe? I think I'm gonna go to that nursery and see if there are any job openings. Be right back!"
C:"B wai-"
I went off running towards the nursery. When I got in I asked if there had any openings and the secretery told me she'll see what she can do. After 10 minutes of waiting. She came to me and told me that the owner wanted to see me.
We had a quick interview and he hired me right away.
Then I ran out and found Chris sitting on a bench right next to the nursery.
C:"Really B that's Amazing, let's go celebrate."
-End of flashback-

Back to the present
Still Bree's P.O.V:
I can't believe I'm quitting.
Mr. Trivioni:"Bree sweetie are you okay"
B:"Oh yes sir, I came in today because I..
Mr.Trivioni:" You?"
B:"I'm quitting"
Mr.Trivioni:"Oh... That's fine honey but why?
B:" Well let's just say something happend and I want a fresh start. Plus this place reminds me to much of him.
Mr.Trivioni:"I understand sweetheart, just sign her and you can go"
After signing I got up hugged him and went out.
Guess it's time to get a Divorce.


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