Chapter 24: Elope?

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"I'll open it" Finn insisted, standing up to go get the door. When he opened it, his eyes widen.

"Where's my daughter?" He snarled angrily, letting himself in, looking around the apartment. Will was amazed by how beautiful the house was, but he wasn't here for that. Will looked over at Finn, who was still standing shock. 

"Finn?" Rachel said coming in from the living room. She stood there shocked when he saw her father.

"So its true, your the bastard who knocked my daughter up?" He shouted angrily, voice filling the house.

"Dad" Rachel whispered tearfully.

"I thought I could trust you taking care of my kids when I'm not around. I trusted you but I guess things change" He said shouting at Finn angrily. "Your gonna stay away from her" He threatened. Finn's head snapped, he look at Mr. Schue angrily.

"You can't do that, I love her and she's carrying my child" 

"I don't care, im gonna take care of your child, and if you come to her, I'll file a restraining order, got it?" Mr. Schue said glaring at Finn. "Even at school, and don't even try to sneak around, I'll have people to watch both of you"

"Now, come on Rachel" He said grabbing his daughter's wrist harshly. Finn winced.

"Your hurting me" Rachel said tearfully. Finn was about to help her. When he saw the look that Mr. Schue is giving him. Rachel pulled away from him.

"No, im not going with you. I love Finn, and I always will" Rachel said to her father with confident. Finn look at her lovingly.

"No, you are coming with me young lady" He said grabbing her wrist once again. When the door was shut, Finn started to sob. His not allowed to see the love of his life, pregnant with their baby.


Finn didn't know, how many hours he fell asleep. The last thing he remembered was the fight and he was sobbing. He went to the bathroom and shocked when he looked at his reflexion in the mirror. His eyes were blood shot, and his hair is a mess. He splash some water to his face. After he was done, he went to change to another comfortable clothing.

Suddenly his phone rang. He took it from the living room, where he left it last night. He saw the ID, it was Rachel. Why would Rachel be calling, didn't his dad took all of her devices?. Or maybe something's wrong with the baby. He started to panic, he answered the phone.

Finn? - Rachel said through his phone. She sound so tired.

Rach?, what's going on?, Are you okay? Is the baby ok? - He asked. He have more question but first he need to know if his Baby Mama and their kid is okay.

Yeah, Finn, I left at my dad's house - Rachel said sadly.

What?, where are you? - Finn asked panicked.

Relax, Finn, im in New York. Last night, my dad took my things from your apartment, then in the middle of the night I went to pack and left - Rachel said.

What about our baby Rachel, you can't just leave me here - Finn said. He sound like he was about to burst into tears. 

Thats why Im calling you, Meet me at the airport of New Jersey, and when you arrive, I want us to elope - Rachel said. Finn was shocked. He didn't know how to respond. Is she's asking him to marry him?

What about our parents Rach?, what about my mom?. Wouldn't she wanna know, about me marrying the love of my life? - Finn said, with a smile. He can hear the smile that crept onto Rachel's face.

Of course, Finn, you can ask your mom, but make sure that she doesn't tell anyone were here ok? - Rachel said.

Okay, I love you Rachel, and our baby. see you soon - He said. He terribly miss his Rachel and the baby. 

He finally hung his phone. Lost in deep thoughts. Rachel wanted to elope with him?. It still hard to process. They were too young, well Rachel is. But, I guess age doesn't matter right?..............right?

He started to pack. He went to call his mom, and told her everything. She cried for minutes, and told him that have a wonderful life with Rachel and the baby. Finn cried with her. 

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