CHP. 11 : The Taoist Priest And The Little Fox

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As Su Tang say this, his eyes are half-squinting, the sound of his voice is also soft, where is the solemn majesty of an emperor, it is but a pampered little fairy living like a prince, proud and delicate, charming the people.

    Ling Si shook his head as he smiled, he walked and stood in front of Su Tang, rubbed his forehead asking: "Is emperor tired?"

    "Ń, tired, also sleepy." Su Tang acted coquettishly as he rubbed his eyes, like a small fox, squinting his eyes, his face lacking any sign of precautions.

    Tut, indeed he is more accustomed to being delicate.

    But he really likes it.

    Ling Si's eyes were full of smiles, he squatted down and pulled Su Tang's small boots off, only saying: "Indeed our little darling today is exhausted, look at your pitiful appearance."

    Su Tang nodded, lying on the bed in a daze, letting Ling Si take of his shoes and clothes, his docile appearance is incredible, where is there a small fox, clearly he is only a little sheep.

    When he gently sneezed, his eyelids began to droop, his body shifted from a fox into a human, this has already occurred for a lifetime, unfortunately his ability do not amount to much, using a bit of yāo shù will easily tire him out, adding on the fact he was frightened by the demon today, and when he left the main hall the cold wind blew, making the entire person dizzy.

(Note : yāo shù = sorcery)

(Note: The cold wind figuratively can also be evil wind)

    The surrounding air smelled of grass, Ling Si's movements were also gentle, oh, he is becoming more and more sleepy ... ...

    Snore ...

    However, Ling Si did not pay attention to this, it is more accurate to say that he is too nervous, the person he likes is right in front of him, completly off guard which allowed him to take of his clothes, his heart is already jumping around violently, after he helped Su Tang take off his shirt , under it showed a white shirt, his heart is simply ready to jump out of his chest.

    Ling Si blushed red, his hands hanging in the air, he would like to reach down but felt embarrassed, he was tangled for a long while, and finally decided to raise his head and ask Su Tang, after taking a look, the result, the other person already had his eyes closed softly snoring.

    Sleeping quite peacefully.

    Ling Si stopped his actions, he squatted down to look at Su Tang sleeping, he looks good even when asleep, his bright red mouth half opened, from time to time it closed, he seems to be thinking of eating delicious chicken, the candle swayed, reflecting on his face making it look more soft, like a layer of soft light.

   Unknowingly watching for who knows how long, the wind from the window blew out the candlelight, only then did Ling Si react, he quickly stood up, he rubbed Su Tang's little face, not knowing what good thing to do.

    His little fox is sleeping so peacefully, how is he willing to wake him up, but today the other party is really tired, and should take a bath to eliminate the dirt, then should he or should he not help the other party undress?

   As Ling Si grew to be this big, this was the first time he was so tangled, he looked at Su Tang's white shirt, he immediately recalled to mind Su Tang's naked appearance from their first meeting, he must not think of this, it directly pierced his heart causing the fire in it to all of a sudden burn higher.

    Ling Si cursed himself in his heart, he quickly chanted an incantation to clear his mind, when the fire is kept under control, he turned over Su Tang and continued to pull his clothes off.

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