Her Dream Date

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Hey guys, I am back again this time with an OS for my sister from another mister suzainqureshi8 she is amazing guys. I love you chotuu so without any more bakwaas let me start the OS. But yes before starting I would like to thank The_BloomyGirl  for this amazing cover 💖💖💖


I was sitting in front of my dresser combing my hair with a smile or you can say blush! One part of me was really nervous while the other one was out there daydreaming about the date.
I always admired Zayn Malik but never ever even in my thoughts I thought about going on a date with him.

But this was true. I do not know how I ended up having a date with him!

Well, we did talk on Twitter and it's been around 7-8 months. But we were always together as friends.

But he caught me by surprise, asking me for a date. I was shocked to the core but yes, I did say yes, which we all already know. I am still worried that if this does not work out then this might ruin our friendship...

But for now, let's focus on my date. I said more to myself! I checked myself in the mirror then a sudden realization hit me like a brick in the face

I. am. going. on. a. date. with. the. one. and. only. Zayn. Malik.

My eyes widened and I started freaking out! I rubbed my eyes to see if I was dreaming but it was real and instead I smudged all my mascara, eyeliner, and Kajal!

Now I definitely looked like an absolute mess! Or a witch! And there was another round of me panicking!

So by this time, you might already know that I panic a lot and let me tell you before you know by yourself that I am a bit clumsy too.

Okay! Not a bit but I am dangerously clumsy!
I have capabilities to get myself into some "really dangerous" situations with my clumsiness.

After a few more minutes of jumping around. I calmed myself and took some deep breaths. Then I settled myself again in front of the mirror and started doing my makeup!

I was wearing a white top that had some sort of design over it with jean shorts and Snickers and a shrug that reached just below my knees as he told me to wear something comfortable. I did ask him about the place he was taking me so that might help me to choose my outfit wisely but he didn't tell me.

I was done with my makeup so I started cleaning my room. What if he plans to come inside to take a look? At least my room should be presentable enough! I started picking up clothes, folding them nicely, and keeping them in my cupboard.

Soon the doorbell rang!

My eyes widened! So I just took all the clothes in a hurry, gathered them and put them under my bed. But how is it possible for me to do something without any difficulty. I did not notice that one of my Tee was half under and half out of the bed.

Next, I remember is my leg getting strangled and me falling flat on my face. I hissed in pain and got up as the doorbell rang again. I was happy that at least I didn't break my nose! I opened the door and there he was standing looking impossibly hot in a tee-shirt and jeans and a hoodie above it! I was dazed looking at him. He clicked his fingers, getting me out of my trance. I blushed looking at him. He laughed and then said, "You look cute"

And then I blushed more and smacked his ass real hard!

How I wish.

I just got more red and probably I looked like a tomato!

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