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Cast: Millie Bobby Brown
Sadie Sink
Noah Schnapp
Caleb McLaughlin
Gaten Matarazzo

Age: Millie (17)
Sadie (17)
Finn (18)
Caleb (18)
Noah (17)
Gaten (18)

About them:
· Millie is in love with her bestfriend Sadie.
· Sadie is confused of how Millie has been acting around her.
· Finn broke up with Millie but still loves her.
· Noah is confused about his sexuality.
· Gaten is inlove with Sadie.
· Caleb is also inlove with Sadie.

Hey guys! This is my first ever story. I will make chapter 1 soon this is just about them and their age. Bye guys! 💖

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