I Can't Believe This

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Hi guys!

I hope you're doing good and as always, looking awesome and smexy. I haven't done an authors note or whatever it is in a while and I wouldn't have done, expect for this reason.

Okay! So I know everyone is entitled and have full rights to their opinion and thoughts but I'd just like to make one thing clear.

It's very important to not get confused between culture and religion. Culture is something that's different to you, to the person in front of you, or your next door neighbour, your teachers, your crush. You get the hint.Religion is different to culture.

Wheras culture may be one thing and different to me and you. Religion is the same ( As in if you're Muslim, you'll follow Islam, if you're Christian, you'll follow Christianity, if you're Jewish you'll follow Judaism etc).

What my point is, I know many of you are getting confused about this whole thing with Omar having two wives. Let me shed some light on this. Men are allowed to marry up to four times, this does not mean they do.

( Heck, if my dad even had a slight thought of that. My mum would make him sleep on the couch XD!)

Not all Muslim men marry up to four women. However there are certain circumstances that may lead to that but I'm not going to get in to all that. It'll take forever. So, they have to treat all their wife/s equally and fairly. One shouldn't be favoured more than the other etc.

If a woman wants divorce then Islam gives full rights. This is where culture knocks on the door. It's very important to know the difference between the two. There are all sorts of people out there in the world and have their own beliefs and views.

The reason why in the book Naina is being asked to try one last time is because the elders feel that they haven't got much time together because Omar.. Well he was being an idiot before. This is their culture talking.

In reality, this wouldn't happen, but this is just a book and for the sake of the story. This is happening. So hope that clears the confusion.

The second thing I wanted to talk about as how some people think that  Naina is weak. In my opinion she isn't weak. Strength can be shown in all forms. For example, Luke Skywalker showed strength when he fought for his father and wanted to protect his sister, Princess Leia. That was strength shown physically.

Strength in the movie, The Blind Side, is different as well because Big Mike stays silent and doesn't say much yet he is still strong. (I'm getting off topic here)

My point is. Naina is strong, very strong, except she doesn't show it verbally or physically. She keeps quiet and is waiting for the right time and trust me. I'll put a little spoiler here, but when my sexy Zachary comes. Let's just say Omar will need to get a tip or two from Naina about growing a backbone and being strong.

Wow! That is a lot of talking, sorry if it felt like a rant, it wasn't but I had to get this across.

I'm hoping to update soon but I just really needed to get this across.

So, till then. Here's Leo!

 Here's Leo!

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