Favourite Tokyo Hotel EP Song | Preference

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"When it's over" - you love the solo he has in this song, the way his voice sounds. Rye knows how much you love you song so will always sing it to you.

"Don't break my heart" - he'd come home the day they'd finished recording this song, wrapped his arms around you firmly and whispered into your ear 'this song's for you'

"Tokyo hotel" - the day the whole EP was complete, Brook had come home so excited, shouting out about how he loved the name of the EP and the song.

"Not giving up" - you loved the vibe of this song, and Mikey's solo had you 'shook'. This song made you so proud of your boyfriend and how far he'd come.

"Stranger" - before the song was released, Jack had come home after recording it and just sang the whole thing to you. His voice makes your insides go crazy.

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