Becoming Aware Part 35

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23rd October 2017 All Rights Reserved

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Fai's POV...

I was on my second cuppa tea when mum began to make her way across the room to me. She didn't look like she was fully awake. 

In fact, she looked like she has been doing the pub crawl since yesterday. Poor mum. Then I heard some others begin moving about in the other end of the house. I watched as mum just got herself a cuppa after feeling that the teapot was still hot.

She got a cup down for dad too who was now beginning to make his way across the room to us. He too looked pitiful. I just shook my head at him. He was probably with Poppa.

" Damn that man. Doesn't he know he is old and shouldn't be pranking anyone. Let alone dragging me into it." Daddy was murmuring in disgust as he just came to the table and pulled a chair out and dropped his head into his hands with his elbows leaning on the table.

" Naked bull riding? That sounds interesting." I mentioned to them in a quiet voice which had mum snorting at me.

" Not as interesting as seeing the lot of them come back here all buck naked and having to get hosed off. But then you didn't see any of that, did you? You were peacefully in bed without a worry in the world." Mum was saying to me with another snort. 

Little does she know just what my night was like.

" What is all that noise?" Gamma was saying as she sort of hobbled across the living area and towards us while stretching her arms and yawning along the way. She was still stretching her arms when she opened her arms and looked at us.

Then she stilled and stared. It didn't take much time at all for her to notice something was different. 

She had her head tilted to the side as she was trying to figure what was different. Then I saw her eyes widen slightly when she saw what it was. She then glanced around the room including a quick glance out the kitchen door to where the guest wing was. 

Then her eyes were straight back to me when she didn't see what she was looking for.

" Mum, are you alright?" My mother asked Gamma when she stopped still all of a sudden. Even dad turned in his chair to look at his mother in law. Gamma was staring at me with a frown on her face.

" Dak! I think you better get out here. Bartholemew Thaddeus Tarin. Get your arse out here right now." Gamma started screeching. Which it was. Heaven help her if she wakes those babies up with her screeches. I'll go back and check on them shortly. As well as there dad too.

" What? What? What's wrong. Kallie girl, what's wrong?" He was calling out as we heard thumping against the floor getting louder the closer he got to us.

" What's wrong?" We then heard Beatrice saying in a hurried and urgent tone of voice as she came closer.

A few minutes later, all of the oldies were standing on the other side of the kitchen with Gamma standing there still staring at me.

" Mum? Mum?" My mum was asking Gamma again with a confused voice as she was looking around at everyone who was also looking around at each other trying to figure out what was wrong.

" Are you all blind?" Gamma suddenly said as she continued to stare at me. I couldn't help but smile a little behind my cup. At least she isn't blind.

Then we were disturbed with both Jarryd and Ollie coming back into the house freshly showered. Only to stop and look around at the silent older ones who were also looking around in confusion.

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