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In this story, these schools are literally on opposites sides of the town!

Barcelona High School Students:

Jaqueline Messi: She's your not-so-average, 'you think I'd date a rival? Haha I would rather punch you' kinda girl. She would punch you; she hates the rival school, except for her friend that goes there- Laura Ramos. She's a junior in school, but can't be bothered with it.

Lionel Messi: He's Jaqueline's older brother, protective of her everywhere they go. He would punch you if you try to date his sister, and he typically hangs out with Luis Suarez. He's a senior in school, and actually enjoys it.

Amy Ter Stegen: She's your typical introvert. Sticks to herself, doesn't get involved with drama, but when it comes to friends, she's all about being wild and crazy. She's got a thing for theater, and if you wanna find her after school, just go to the theater. She's a sophomore in school, and is probably going to go far in life.

Marc Andre Ter Stegen: He's Amy's older brother, and is also very annoying. He usually ditches his last two periods to watch the cheerleaders practice. He's a junior in school.

Luis Suarez: Lionel Messi's right hand guy, or known as the guy who eats his own homework. No more 'my dog ate my homework!' just explain that Luis did. Okay, maybe he's never actually eaten homework, but this annoying girl claims he has. He's a senior this year.

Gerard Piqué: You can find him constantly with Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto. Gerard is kind of slightly a math nerd, but doesn't show it at all around his friends. He's captain of the football team, which matches his cockiness very well. He's a senior this year, and can't wait to go to college.

Sergi Roberto: He seems shy on the outside, but get him with the ladies and you'll know he ain't shy😉. With his hair, gorgeous eyes, and perfect smile, it's hard to not stare at him and drool a bit. Can usually be seen with Gerard Piqué and Jordi Alba. He's a junior in school.

Rafinha Alcantara: In his freshman year last year, he and his best friend, Neymar, were always pranking and joking on people. This year, since Neymar moved away, he's gotta pull his monkey stunts by himself. Speaking of monkey, he is one of the most adorable humans you'll ever meet. He's sweet, has a cute face, and very down-to-earth. You can now find him hanging with Ter Stegen. See, he's a sophomore this year.

Jordi Alba: He is a little wild partier. He typically hosts all the Friday night parties, and that includes beer, beer that they should not have. Aside from partying, he's a pretty good art student, he loves painting. He's a junior at school.

Real Madrid High Students:

Evie Ronaldo: She's your typical sassy, smart ass kind of girl. She takes it off of her older brother, and their parents wish she wasn't exactly like him. She is captain of the cheerleading team, is considered the 'popular girl' at school. She's a junior at school.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Mr. Popular. He's got shiny white teeth, and an ego that shoots through the roof. The Ramos siblings are his best friends. He usually sits in the back of classes, taking notes on his computer...who am I kidding? He's watching Netflix. He's a senior.

Marco Asensio: He's not shy, but he's not extremely outgoing either, ya know? He secretly plays guitar, but doesn't show off much cause he doesn't want to damage his ego as a footballer. Oh, yeah, he spends too much time with Cristiano. He's a sophomore this year.

Jayn Asensio: She is very calm, cool, and collected. She's from Madrid, but she loves everything about Barcelona. She's very smart, and loves doing art and writing. She has a very creative mind, and spends most of her class time doodling in her notes. She's a sophomore just her twin brother.

Lauren Bale: She's basically Laura Ramos' right hand girl. She mostly sleeps through class, and is actually late to school a lot, even though her brother gets her there early. She's part of the band, and loves jamming to punk rock. Although people seem to get annoyed when she changes her hair color, she embraces every bit about herself. She's a junior this year.

Gareth Bale: He's very much like his twin sister, and though they often like different punk rock bands, you always know it's them when they pull up to school. His charming accent usually makes everyone pay attention to him, especially in class. He's a junior this year.

Marcelo: He's basically a hoe, any questions? Nah, he's a pretty chill guy that loves dancing to Portuguese music. There's also rumors that he may or may not have a crush on Cristiano...guess we'll find out. He's a senior this year.

Toni Kroos: He's shy af😅, but he loves hanging out with people. He's honestly a nerd, but he doesn't care. He plans on getting somewhere with his smarts. He still doesn't understand some Spanish and English, but he tries his best. He's a junior this year.

Luka Modric: Literally He's the smartest guy you'll ever meet. No only is he wise in school, but also in relationships and life. He's practically a guidance counselor. And yes, he may solve everyone's problems, but he can't solve his own. He's a senior this year.

Dani Carvajal: He and Nacho are the jokesters of Real Madrid High. They both are known for their paint bomb pranks, and making girls cry for ruining their hair. They usually sit in detention together almost every day, and have gotten threatened multiple times to be kicked off the football team. He's a junior.

Nacho: Dani's partner in crime, not much else to say. He's as junior as well.

and...everyone's favorite siblings

Laura Ramos: She throws shade easily, keeps her circle of friends right, and considers her brother her best friend. She's really smart and very athletic, but she tends to be very cocky like her brother. They've got another brother who graduate valedictorian, and both have expectations to live up to. She's very tomboy like. She plays football as well, and is a junior this year.

Sergio Ramos: He's not the brightest at all, but he spends most of his time flirting with the ladies, even though he has no intention of taking it further with them. He's very overprotective of his baby sister, and usually scares guys off before they can even say 'hey' to her. He and Laura are inseparable. He's the captain of the football team, and is as cocky as his little sister. He's a senior this year.

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