I wake up in the back seat of my mother's cramped car kicking the area of space that I do have. It feels that I am in a jail, a dreary prison just awaiting my extermination. I am sorry, it seems that I have failed to introduce myself. The name is Nya, Nya Jones and I am unfortunately moving into the Conjunction House, and yes it is the one that the boy band Mindless Behavior used to spend time in. If you didn't notice I said USED TO and well, they are gone, dead, deceased. I know you probably have one million questions going through your head like "NO, MB IS GONE?", "WHY AREN'T YOU HAPPY ABOUT MOVING IN?", HOW DID THEY DIE" or most importantly "Do you care?" Well, I will tell you the answer to the last one, No I do not care about Mindless Behavior. They died in 2012 and for intake the year is 2025. Just your luck I think I am going to answer another question "How did Mindless Behavior die?"Well from what I was told by my mother it was the year 2012...

                                                                   January 15, 2012 Flashback

     Ray, Prince, and Prod were in the living area of the conjunction house. Ray was watching the Boondocks laying down lazily on the couch, Prince was sitting on the floor drinking a cup of Folgers coffee and Prod was sitting next to Ray eating a bag of chips while texting.

"Have any of yall seen Roc he has been out for a while"

"No, Aye Prince, you mind getting your lazy blaxican ass up and make me a taco, I would appreciate it" Ray says with a smirk on his face.

"Ok ray w-wait a sec, let me just finish my coffee and i'll-" Gets cut off bye Ray.


"I-I'm sorry Kesha said that I c-could dri-"


Prince comes up to Ray leaving his cup of coffee on the floor behind him. All that was heard was a large slap and a pound on the floor as Princeton falls drastically and Ray pulls him up by the hair.


"RAY STOP, CALM DOWN " Prodigy exclaims.

"SHUTUP BLONDIE" Ray Ray smirks." YOU KNOW IT'S REALLY AMAZING HOW DAMN STUPID YOU BOTH ARE, I MEAN YOUR FAMILY TO ESCPECIALLY YOUR SISTER PRINCE, THATS WHY I DUMPED HER ASS AND THE POOR THING COMMITED SUICIDE" Ray pouts his lip out having fake pity. But something in Princeton snapped he pulled Rays hands off his head and managed to get him in a headlock. Prodigy decides to join in as he punches ray in the stomach repeatedly.Ray tries to get out of Princeton's grip but fails. They take him outside into the carport and continue with the beating.

"Stop......please" Ray Ray managed barely a whisper.

Princeton and Prodigy have noticed what they've done. Ray was bruised very badly, a few sprains but no broken bones. He wasn't dead or anything at least......not yet. Just as they stared at the hurt Ray on the ground Prod got a text and that's when it happened...........


CLIFFHANGER!!! Well guys that was my first chapter to my first Mindless Behavior story. I got the idea from reading this book called House of Dies Drear for school and I thought hmmmmm...ghost why not? Comments please, I just want to know what you think of the concept.

(Picture of Nya at the side>>>>>>)

P.S. Looks like Ray has some problems huh, read more to find out.


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