A newbie (Mature)

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(This chapter is going to be MATURE so if you can't handle my pervyness ☠️ then don't read xD)

The kiss lasted 2 minutes. Rainbow pulled away in deep shock as she realised what she has done.

"I-I'm so sorry!" Rainbow said in embarrassment as she his her face in her hands.

You would think that like a normal person, AJ would want to talk about it, however, she pulled Rainbows hands down and pulled her into another kiss. Rainbow didn't mind though.

Rainbow gently pinned AJ to the floor of the platform almost hanging at the edge. AJ would usually try to fight her off and wrestle her down as they were both competitive but AJ liked it the way it was.

Suddenly, they both rolled off the platform into a 2 metre fall hitting the lake underneath. The water was surprisingly hot during the evening which made it more bearable to stay in.

Luckily the lake was shallow so they were able to stand on their feet and their heads were out.
Rainbow was slightly taller than AJ so when she stood up her shoulders were exposed from the water whilst AJ was covered mid neck.

Rainbow stared at AJ for a while, unsure of what to say.

AJ grinned at Rainbow and splashed her "was this as fun for you as it was for me?" AJ said as she walked slowly towards Rainbow.

Rainbow blushed not giving an answer but simply just staring at her.

The sun was completely down now and it was silent apart from the grasshoppers singing in the grass of the field and the owls howling in the woods behind the lake house. The only source of light came from the lantern above the platform that automatically turns on at night.

AJ glanced at Rainbow "so...what do we do now?"

Rainbow smirked and leaned to AJ's ear "have you tried skinny dipping in the dark before?" Rainbow said suggestively.

Applejack widened her eyes at the question "W-what?!" She stuttered nervously.

Rainbow was already undressing before AJ managed to even answer her suggestion. Rainbow was full of herself and confident. She didn't mind anyone seeing her naked.

"Come on, no one will see you" Rainbow tried to persuade AJ

AJ giggled nervously  "you will see me though"

Rainbow raised an eyebrow "it's not like I'm gonna rape you...unless you want me to" Rainbow gave AJ a cheeky smirk "besides, we're a thing now, so I'll see you naked sooner or later anyway"

AJ's eyes widened "we're a t-thing?" AJ asked as she blushed.

"Well, aren't we? I mean we just had a make out session, you can't tell me that meant nothing. People don't kiss for no reason like that" Rainbow said.

AJ smiled and blushed looking down "I'm glad you consider us a couple...because I've had a crush on you for a while now" AJ looked up and kissed Rainbow's cheek lightly.

Rainbow was already naked and standing in the lake waiting for AJ to undress. AJ didn't hesitate, she threw her hat and her clothes on to the platform and climbed the ladder to the platform along with Rainbow.

Time skip

After a good two hours of skinny dipping, it got pretty cold. AJ and Rainbow got out of the water. They both got dressed in dry clothes. It was 2am definitely time to go to bed.

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