His House

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After a day of walking, Samuel was ready to collapse. The boy didn't even know if George would let him in, why did he think this was a good idea. All he knew was that this was his only chance of living anywhere, due to the fact he had no friends. He walked to the gates and looked around for a button so he could talk to someone, after a while he finally found it and pushed down.

"Who are you and what is your business here?" a low voice spoke from the box, and Samuel nearly forgot how to speak, he still didn't know why he thought this was a good idea,

"I'm, um, Samuel S-seabury and I'm... I have George's name on my arm? I was kicked out and-"

"Get lost, kid,"  the gruff voice spoke, and Samuel began to panic


"Get lost-" but he was cut off.

"What the fuck are you doing?" A higher voice was heared on the intercom,

"Talking to some kid who thinks he's your soulmate,"

"And you're kicking him out?"

"Well, yes, but-"

"Just open the damn gates you idiot, you can see him on that camera it looks like he hasn't eaten in days,"

"But, sir, he could be with the Revolutionaries,"

"If he is we'll just kill him, let the boy in dammit,"

And the com went off, moments later the gates opened. Samuel Gulped, the gates were very slow. Hesitantly, he walked through, and he looked around the front yard before continuing down the path. All the green grass was finely trimmed and the bushes were all random shapes, the sprinklers where on but luckily none were near the path. After walking down the long, windy, sidewalk, he arrived at the front of the house. He hesitated at the door. Was he being too rash? Would this dude even like him? Would he even like this dude? He had no idea. It was too late now. Here goes nothing. He knocked three times. Samuel heard the jiggle of the doorknob.

When it opened, he nearly fell backwards, the man was very tall. He was wearing a dark red vest with a white undershirt, and his black pants looked fancier that any Samuel had ever seen. His blonde hair was pulled back into a neat ponytail, not a hair was lose. How did he know it was George? Samuel's name in Samuel's handwriting was scrawled from the man's wrist to his inner-elbow. Either hand was in his pockets and his posture made Samuel think of a board. The boy's breath quickened as the man's cold blue eyes traveled up and down his body, and Samuel realized George was waiting as he tapped his foot rhythmically on the ground,

"O-Oh!" he murmured, and pulled up the sleeve of his shirt to show the man his mark. 

George William Fredrick

The man paused, and looked at it for a few seconds.

"It seems you are my soulmate. Hmm. Come in, I guess, but if you're with the revolutionaries I will kill you without hesitation." He spoke before moving from the doorway to let Samuel in, he had no idea what a 'Revolutionary' was but he didn't really care since he wasn't one. Could he be? He didn't know what it was so there was a possibility he was. That kind of freaked him out. No, he was fine. For now. Samuel stepped through the doorway and into what seemed like a mud-room, but overly fancy. George led him farther into the mansion, and made an unexpected turn into a kitchen to the side,

"You look hungry. Eat something," he offered,

"Like... what? S-something as in what? Do you have hot-dogs? Those are cheap I think, right?" he said quietly, and George sighed,

"I don't care if it's cheap. Just eat something," He spoke, and Samuel nodded before simply grabbing an apple from a nearby basket. He didn't really like apples that much, but he didn't want to waste anyone's time. After a few bites George spoke,

"Gee, not who I was expecting... so, tell me about yourself, if you're my soulmate i'll have to know," he said, but Samuel felt like it was more of a command due to the man's overall intimidating personality and looks.

"Well, um, I like chess, and reading, and I like my family but they don't like me, eh-heh,"

"Why don't they like you?" He interrupted with mild curiosity,

"U-um well, it's just because they're anti same-sex soulmates and i'm g.. g-gay," he spoke, although Samuel had grown to hate the word due to how his family always spoke of it. 

"I see. Sorry about that. Looks like you're living here, then. You have no where else to live."

"I-I'm what? You really d-don't have to do that,"

"Nah. My men looked you up, you don't really have any money to live anywhere aside from somewhere free. So I insist." 

And Samuel nodded, because he felt like it wasn't a good idea to argue with this man. He finished his apple and threw the core into a nearby trash-can, and George walked closer to him. Samuel, deciding not to watch his tongue due to the fact of curiosity, asked;

"What's a revolutionary?" and George leaned back on the counter,

"It's a rival... company. Makes the same thing as mine,"

"...and so you kill them?"

"Well, no, it's a hard thing to explain... well, no, it's not." He said and rubbed the back of his neck,

"It doesn't really matter. Let me take you to your room, then i'll see if we can do something tomorrow to get to know eachother better." said George, and Samuel nodded slowly before the man began to lead him upstairs. Samuel noticed there was an abundance of guards around every corner, which made him feel on edge. He had never seen such a large and expensive place, and assumed the guards were a necessity. 

As they arrived at the end of the hall, George turned to Samuel. He turned to a white door.

"This is your room, I guess i'll see you tomorrow,"

"Yeah. Wow, Um... thank you,"

"No problem. I made a promise anyways, so it's not like I had a choice, ha."

"Uhm.. Ok. Goodnight,"

"Goodnight, Samuel."

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