Chapter 10: Bon rien!

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Hey back again with another chapter ^u^ sorry this took so long, finals and all!

Okay so this chapter is mostly PeytonxChenoa as requested by many but it introduces a good amount of new characters along with a bon rien with a gorgeous Cajun accent. It took forever for me to type the Cajun accent so hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do :D  

Anyways sorry for uploading so late!

This chappy is dedicated to Magic_Quill who has read and commented on all of my chapters and continues to be an amazing reader of this story ^u^ thankyou soo much for every comment I adore reading them <3!

p.s here is an example of a cajun accent if you have never heard one before and are curious (its the guy C; ) -->

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Helpful Translations :   Ma Cherie- ‘My dear’

Vous êtestrop drôlemon cher- You are too funny my dear

Conniere- ‘little s**t’

Pardon-moi –Pardon me, excuse me


bon rien- Good for nothing guy

 Mais, jamais d'la vie- Well, never in my life! (An expression of surprise)

Honeychile- Honey child

 Oo ye y!i- Ouch! Or I am sad

 Beb- Honey, sweetie

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Auctioned Hearts 10

P.O.V Peyton

I sighed rolling my eyes scrolling through my emails on my smart phone.

 Nothing interesting.

 I looked up and saw to girls giggling to each other while looking over at me every mili-second, I smiled my most charming smile giving a short wave over at them. The one with brown hair winked while leaning on the table more sticking out her butt while the other licked her lips pushing forward her chest they both gave a flirty little waves back. Usually flirting with chicks would be my favorite past time; I loved to see them throw themselves at me so easily, it was entertaining, but for some reason this time it didn’t give me any happiness, no entertainment, it just felt dull. Part of me felt kind of naggy. I didn’t want to know why, I didn’t care to know why, but I still knew why in the back of my mind. Was I a whipped man?

No, no! I can’t be! I thought shaking my head,

 Just because one chick declined me a couple of times doesn’t mean I’m immediately interested.

I sent a smile over to the two chicks that were giggling like idiots wishing me to feel something good, something proud. But there was nothing, my mind was distracted with her, she was taking so long, I was finished getting ready half an hour ago. Sighing again slightly annoyed I almost missed the sound of high heels clicking against the ground. There before me was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Her long golden locks were tumbling down in curls around her sides, the dress was hugging her curves in a perfect way, I took note how she wasn’t emancipated like so many girls think it's hot to be, but Chenoa had curves, she had nice curves. I forced my eyes to meet her’s. She peered shyly at me blushing and tucking a piece of golden strand behind her ear.

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