Let's Get This Party Started!

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Toran stood in a canyon, waiting for her fellow panther-youkais to return. Shunran, Karan, and Shuran all came into view. They had a girl clad in a strange and skimpy white and green kimono with them.

"We've got it, Nee-san," Karan said, handing Toran Kagome's bottle of Shikon jewel shards.

"My Shikon jewel shards! Give them back!" Kagome cried as she struggled uselessly to get out of Shuran's grip.

"Who's the girl?" Toran asked.

"Seems like it's Inuyasha's wench," Karan said.

"Inuyasha? The younger son of the dog?" Toran asked.

"Yup! He's alive! Were we ever shocked!" Shunran said.

"She seemed like good bait, so we brought her along," Karan said.

"Hey, you! Just what do you want with Inuyasha!?" Kagome demanded.

"He's gonna die," Shunran said, glancing back at Kagome.

"!" Kagome gasped.

"What about you, Nee-san?" Karan asked.

"I don't need bait for him. He's sure to come," Toran said, referring to Sesshoumaru.

'Who are these people? Just what are they scheming?' Kagome wondered worriedly.

"Kagome!" Kouga yelled.

"Huh!? Kouga-kun!" Kagome yelled in surprise and relief when she looked up and saw Kouga with Ginta and Hakkaku standing on the top of the canyon walls.

"I'll save you in a minute," Koga said confidently.

"Hey, Wolf boy! We never invited you here," Karan shouted up at him, breathing a huge stream of fire up at them. They disappeared from sight with Kagome.

"You're not getting away!" Kouga yelled, leaping after them. A band of lesser panther-youkais jumped out, attacking him. "Why you...!" Kouga said as he kicked and punched them all out of his way. They landed on the ground and ran away. "Wait up!" Kouga yelled, chasing them. Inuyasha showed up, leaping down into the canyon and passing Kouga. "Hey, you mutt...!" Kouga yelled.

"I don't need your help!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Who said anything about saving you? The one I'm saving is Kagome!" Kouga yelled. They both came to a sudden stop when a wall appeared in front of them. It looked like a dead end.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha called.

"Where are you!?" Kouga yelled. They couldn't see or smell any sign of where she was.

"What's wrong, Kouga?" Ginta yelled.

"Where are the cats?" Hakkaku yelled.

"Not only their presence, even their scent is gone!" Kouga said.

"I can't pick up any scent at all, no cats... not even Kagome," Inuyasha said.

"Yeah... the scent stopped here. Just like with Naraku's kekkai barrier," Kouga said.

"Kekkai?" Inuyasha said in realization. He drew Tessaiga.

"Hey! What are you gonna do?" Kouga asked. Inuyasha ignored him and concentrated as Tessaiga's blade turned red.

"What now?" Katsumi asked when they came to dead end.

"Both the trail and her scent stop here," Jaken said. Sesshoumaru was gazing at the dirt wall blocking their path with a critical stare. Katsumi could see the wheels turning in his head.

"This wall is weird, though... not only should we still be able to at least smell them, but where the walls of the canyon meet it, it almost forms perfect right-angles... it's unnatural."

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