A Little Family Fun

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"What is this place?" Katsumi asked as she looked down into the rocky valley. They had been roaming around, minding their own business when Sesshoumaru sensed a huge confrontation taking place several miles away. Sesshoumaru had been interested in it, so they had come to check it out. They were too late to see the actual fight, but the valley had been really torn up, and Katsumi could see evidence of the Kaze no kizu being used. She could make out the scent of the Inu-tachi, Myouga, Totosai, and another really big and dangerous youkai she hadn't met before... She also caught a hint of Naraku.

'No wonder Sesshoumaru had been so interested...' Katsumi thought. Lots of people he had a bone to pick with had all been in one place at one time.

"It's all torn up!" Rin said in amazement as her young eyes took in the scene of destruction.

"Who on earth could have done this...?" Jaken said.

"... This is where my Chichi-ue sealed Ryukotsusei using one of his claws. It would seem Inuyasha came here, and Naraku must have broken the seal. Ryukotsusei and Inuyasha fought. Inuyasha transformed, but he managed to somehow reverse the transformation and killed Ryukotsusei with the Bakuryuuha," Sesshoumaru said. Katsumi whistled, impressed.

"Wow, it's amazing how you can tell all that just from what you can smell up here. I can only tell that they were here..." Katsumi said.

"Of course, this is Sesshoumaru-sama we're talking about here!' Jaken said haughtily.

"Amazing, Sesshoumaru-sama!" Rin cheered. Katsumi noticed Sesshoumaru didn't seem too happy about something.

"Is something wrong?" Katsumi asked, concerned.

"I simply cannot believe that a mere hanyou defeated an opponent that my father, a great daiyoukai, could not," Sesshoumaru said.

'I guess he really looked up to his father...' Katsumi thought. "Maybe that's exactly why Inuyasha could defeat him, because he is a hanyou," she mused out loud. Sesshoumaru narrowed his eyes slightly.

"Explain," Sesshoumaru said.

"I lived as a human for a while, and Inuyasha and I both have human blood flowing through our veins, so I know from personal experience. Humans are some of the most stubborn and greedy creatures you will ever meet. We're extremely bad at giving up, and we only get stronger when we have something to protect. Kagome and the others were here, so there was no way Inuyasha was going to back down and let Ryukotsusei hurt them. I think Inuyasha won because his will to win was stronger. Ryukotsusei probably only wanted revenge, and was underestimating Inuyasha since he was a hanyou," Katsumi said. Sesshoumaru stared down at the valley where Ryukotsusei had been sealed.

"Hn," Sesshoumaru said. He turned and continued on his way, the others falling into step behind him... Jaken just plain fell, but the imp jumped up and ran after them.

Rin was in the forest, gathering mushrooms and herbs to go with whatever meat Katsumi was catching for them. She heard a twig snap behind her. Rin turned to look, and saw that it was a grotesque reptilian youkai.

"Aaaaaaah!" Rin screamed, holding her arms in front of her to shield herself as the monster swiped at her with its claws.

"Shisho-ichijin!" Katsumi yelled as she swung her sword and killed the youkai with a well-placed kamaitachi of energy flung from her blade. The youkai disintegrated, leaving behind a completely unharmed Rin. "Are you alright, Rin?" Katsumi asked as she knelt beside the girl. Rin nodded and smiled.

"That was cool, Katsumi-nee! It's been a while since I saw you use your sword," Rin said. Katsumi smiled. Yes, she hadn't needed to use her sword much since most youkais new better than to get too close to Sesshoumaru. Usually, when they had attacked, Katsumi had been human, so she couldn't use her sword as effectively.

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