Vampire and Slayer-(23 At Death Do We Part)

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It was with that drawing of blood that I lost control. I was completely the slayer, except not that slayer that I had known, a slayer that was all for the expulsion of other slayer and the protection of vampires. The rage burned in me and I felt disconnected from my body. I could feel my arms and legs moving but I wasn't moving them.

My head bashed against Taylor's and I heard her skull crack. Her fist connected with my ear and it swelled up. And then we were on our feet. She killed at my head with her spiky boot heel but I dodged and aimed a punch at her chin. Her jaw snapped and eyes bulged with pain. I took the opportunity to kick her stomach.

The enemy fighter flew backwards then forwards and her foot connected with my lower arm. It broke. I gasped in pain and reached for my dagger with my still usable hand. I was done with her. She would die and I would be the one to kill her.

The knife glinted against the light of the bright lamps the Bloodworths had set up. It was about four in the morning. We wouldn't need the lights soon. But the vampires would be weak.

She stared at it a moment too long. I was on top on her when she finally reacted. The point stabbed into her shoulder; I missed. Fighting with my legs and broken arm, I kept her punches and grabs away. She grabbed my hurt arm and broke it in another place, still in the lower arm section. I screamed and the dagger connected with her heart.

It sputtered, then stopped. I didn't let myself sit there long enough for the truth of the situation to hit. The slayer had a duty and there were more to kill.

The screams and shouts in the background got louder but I ignored them, throwing myself on a Slovakian slayer whose dagger she had dropped. Mine penetrated her skin and her heart, too, stopped.

The slayer raged as I scooped up her dagger, and raced back for Taylor's. Why she had been so much easier to kill than Taylor was probably accountable for the fact that Taylor was actually very powerful. Just I was more. Two more I easily killed before I reached the general's body.

I had long ago asked myself this question, which general would die, me or Taylor? Well, Taylor was dead, but the war wasn't over. Not nearly. I could still die at the hands of someone else.

I searched the area quickly for Fairy. My eyes skimmed quickly over the dead. At last, I spotted her. Her attacker was winning. Racing forwards, I prepared myself to conquer. The slayer's body collapse beneath my weight as I came down on her from the height of my six foot leap. The dagger went all the way through her and hit dirt.

My hand instinctively recoiled from the blood. It oozed up around the handle. I didn't want to touch it, so I left it there, but took hers from her lifeless hand. I glanced at Fairy's frightened face. "Sorry. Are you alright?" I screamed over the deafening clamor.

She nodded vigorously and I examined my army. They were fine. I bit my lip and deliberated leaving Fairy to lead this sect. She could do it. I had enough faith in her. "You stay here and govern this group. You are in charge; you give to word. I have to go check on the others. Can you handle that?" I asked.

She gave a four second indecisive look then said, "Yes. Don't get yourself killed. I need someone to teach me to fit understand."

"Always," I hugged her, then handed her the second dagger and ran to go find Ben.

Smoke tainted the air as scooped up an ownerless dagger. I looked around. Fire was everywhere. What had happened? We had picked a clearing, there shouldn't be this many flames!

The other armies had moved into the woods. I sighed and dashed to the one that was Ben's. There were the most flames there so I guessed that Aliyyah was leading that one; she loved to light everything in the area on fire. Normally I wasn't bothered by this, but now this fact horrified me and sent me spiraling into horrid agony. I knew these vampires and I had learned to love them like people. If they perished, it would hurt me too. On the way I killed three more slayers putting off the pain and guilt for later.

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