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Casey's POV:

"Ladies and Gentleman get down here! People are here to adopt!" Ms. Marbles yelled from down stairs. I grab my headphones and hoodie before going down stairs and sitting in the couch. I blast Kick Me by Sleeping With Sirens as people started walking in. I look down reading on wattpad when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

Colbys POV:

I walk in and I look around hoping to find a teenage girl to adopt. You must be thinking I'm crazy and I probably am. I want to adopt a teenage girl because Sam is moving in with Kat tomorrow and I don't want to be alone. I see a girl on her phone with headphones in. I walk over and tap on her shoulder. "Hi, I'm Colby. Obviously I'm looking for someone to adopt so can you tell me about yourself?" I asked her as I sat next to her. I didn't want to sit to close because I didn't want to freak her out. "Sure. I'm Casey. I don't have a last name. I'm 15 and I love black skinny jeans, sneakers, and over sized hoodies. I love my food but not as much as I love my sleep. I like to go on adventures, and I'm not like most girls. I don't like dresses, heels, nail polish or anything like that. I love to skate, listen to music and I love photography." She said looking at her hands. Wow. "Also, your kinda my favorite Youtuber..." I smiled and laughed a bit as she blushed and his her face. "Go pack your stuff. Your getting adopted." She looked up with tears in her eyes. "Really?" She asked. "Really." I said standing up going up to the desk to fill out the papers.

Casey's POV:

Holy shiznets I'm getting adopted. Once I get upstairs I get stopped by Queen bitch. "And where are you going slut?" She asked with a disgusted face. "I-Im getting a-adopted." I looked at her with fear but for some odd reason I was gaining some confidence. "Why the hell would anyone adopt you? Your such a depressed slut. No one wants a girl who was raped and who cuts." She said. I push past her as I said "By Colby Brock. And at least I'm wanted." I smile knowing her face had a shocked angry expression. After I was almost done Colby came up to help me. "You are officially Casey Jesitny Brock." I smiled and nodded having tears in my eyes. I put my last bit of clothing in my bag and turned to hug him. "Thank you." He hugs me back and kisses my head. "Let's go" He says and grabs my bags. I grabbed my guitar and phone and we headed downstairs. We put my things into his car and left to my new home.

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