Ace- Mitchless

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Mitch's P.O.V.

I was scared. I had been with Rob for at least 6 months, but I still hadn't told him the truth about who I really was. He had never tried to push anything before, which I was thankful for but I knew I'd have to tell him one day, and that one day was probably very soon.

I was sitting on my bed, curtains closed and my computer screen glowing white, open to my editing program which I had been working on for the past hour or so. I had given up, I was worrying too much to concentrate much on any work I was attempting to do and so I just sat on my bed, head in my knees.

I was on the verge of tears, I was scared and worried and I didn't know what to do anymore. People had called me unnatural before, I was weird and so I stopped telling people because I couldn't face the discrimination anymore.

Sure, people knew I was gay and most people were fine with it. You didn't have to educate someone everytime you told someone you were gay, most people had heard of homosexuality, even if they were against it.

But you see, I was asexual. Asexual and homoromantic to be exact, and I hated having to explain what it was everytime I came out to someone, because about 98% of the population didn't know what asexual meant so I just didn't bother anymore, not telling anyone.

Asexual basically meant that I didn't feel sexual attraction to anyone, no matter the circumstances (graysexual means sexual attraction under certain circumstances) and Rob didn't know. I still had romantic relationships, holding hands, hugs, anything along those lines and I didn't mind.

"Mitch? Hey, you okay?" I looked up, seeing Rob in the doorway with his arms held out slightly from his side. He looked worried.

I heard his footsteps come closer and then his arm was wrapped around my shoulder, hugging me close. I leaned into him, feeling his warmth and his lips against my cheek, one arm hugging me gently and pulling me back onto the bed so I was lying down.

"You're worried. I can tell." I nodded, not bothering to lie. Rob could read me like a book so there was no point in trying to brush it off. "What's wrong?"

"I- I can't really tell you..." Rob placed one of his hands under my chin, pulling my eyes up so I was looking right at him. He ran one thumb over my cheek and I leaned into it, closing my eyes as he continued to run his thumb up and down.

"You can tell me anything you know..." I sniffled.

"I know, but- I don't know, it's just-" I paused, almost bursting into tears again. I had worked myself up so much that I didn't know if I could get it out or not, not knowing if he would accept it.

"Mitch, look at me love. I don't care what it is you've got to say, as long as you haven't killed someone I don't mind what you have to say." His grip tightened around my shoulders, his lips once again landing on my cheek in comfort.

"I- I- ugh..." I closed my eyes, willing myself to gather the strength to say it. Rob was just squeezing my hand, waiting patiently for me to say something, anything. He was generally a very patient person and would wait for hours for me to say it if he had too, knowing I would get there eventually.

"Just take your time, I'll wait okay." I closed my eyes one last time, before blurting it out.

"I'm asexual." Rob didn't say anything for a couple of seconds before he turned my head again, as I had pulled it away from him.

"Mitch, look at me. I really don't care, okay. I don't care what you identifiy as, as long as you're comfortable with who you are and you can tell me. I want you to be able to tell me whatever you can and be okay with that, and I'll be okay with that no matter what." He held my face in both of his hands, making sure that I was looking right at him.

"No matter what happens, I'll always love you and I hope you know that." My eyes were fast filling with tears again but this time they were the happy kind. I was smiling through the drops that rolled down my face, wiping them away every couple of seconds as Rob hugged me tighter.

"Thank you." Rob pulled back again.

"What? You don't need to thank me..? I don't care what you are as long as you're happy." I smiled, sniffling and feeling the relief settling down in my stomach and what just happened finally setting in on me, sighing in relief.

He was okay with it, everything was okay, everything was going to be okay. And I wanted to sleep, which Rob didn't seem to mind because as soon as I yawned he adjusted his position so we were both lying down and I was on top of his chest, my head in his shoulder.

"Just go to sleep if you want Mitch, I don't mind." I nodded, curling up even further. Rob was nice and warm, and I was content to just lie there.

"Would you say that my reaction was, ace?" I turned around so fast he flinched, giving him a playful although rather hard slap on the chest.

"Oh my god, I hate you sometimes Rob." As much as I was being sarcastic, he still placed his hand over his heart and feined an offended look.

"Thanks babe, I love you too." I huffed.

"Yeah, yeah, fine.... love you too."

Sorry for being away for so long on this book, I was working on my Phan one which is almost nearing its end :-)

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