Up, Up, and Away

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{Two days later}

It was Katsumi's last day of training with her brother, and he said she had learned everything he had to teach her. After learning she didn't have a proper youkai sword, Seigetsu decided to take her somewhere she could get one. She watched in amazement as her brother transformed into a giant dog with red eyes. He had shown this form to her before in their training to see if she could change too, but Katsumi couldn't transform. So, now she was hitching a ride on his back as they flew through the sky. Seigetsu had told her they were going to see a youkai sword smith, Totosai. Totosai was the one who forged Tessaiga.

'I wonder what he's like... must be impressive to be able to make such a powerful sword,' Katsumi thought. As they flew a volcano came into view, and Seigetsu landed and transform back into his humanoid form.

"Here we are. Watch your step, the ground is really hot in some spots," Seigetsu said as he led the way into the open mouth of a giant youkai's skeleton. They were greeted by the ka-chunk, ka-chunk, ka-chunk of a hammer beating a sword. "Greetings, Totosai," Seigetsu called as they entered the blacksmith's shop.

"Eh? Who's there?" an old youkai asked. He blew fire from his mouth onto the blade.

"It's me, Totosai-sama... Seigetsu. I have brought my younger sister to see you about getting a sword," Seigetsu said.

"Hmm? Seigetsu?" Totosai asked squinting as he looked over Seigetsu. "Since when were you so polite, you damn brat? And since when did you have a sister? Tsukihime-sama was here just a week ago to put in a request for a wakizashi, and she didn't mention anything about that."

"Well... technically, I don't think I'm supposed to exist..." Katsumi said. Totosai paused in his work and finally had a real look at her. Her comment had piqued his interest.

"And just what is that supposed to mean?" Totosai asked curiously.

"I know what I'm about to say is unbelievable, so I won't ask you to believe me, but I am Tsukihime's daughter and Seigetsu's half-sister. I was born in the future, but due to a series of events, I traveled back in time, to this era. I'm sorry to bother you while you're obviously so busy, but I need a new sword... it doesn't have to be anything too elaborate. I just need a sword I can rely on when my life is on the line," Katsumi said. Totosai stared at Katsumi as he mulled over what she had just told him. Her request was reasonable and her attitude was reasonably humble... She wasn't too bad for a youngster in Totosai's opinion.

"Perhaps, I should mention the only reason her last sword failed her was because it was human made, and she used it to protect a friend in a fight against Sesshoumaru," Seigetsu said. He could tell Totosai had taken a liking to Katsumi, since he had no problem telling you where to stick it when he didn't. Totosai's huge eyes widened even more... Something Seigetsu hadn't thought was possible.

"Sesshoumaru, you say!?" Totosai said in surprise. Katsumi nodded. She wasn't quite sure why her brother was bringing Sesshoumaru into this, but from the sound of it, he was pretty famous.

"Yes, and he was wielding Tessaiga by using a human arm," Seigetsu said. He had made Katsumi tell him the whole story after he found out about that little incident.

"My Tessaiga!?" Totosai gasped, clutching his head in surprise. "And the girl still lives!?"

'Why does everyone have to sound so dang surprised every time they hear this story?' Katsumi wondered, felling chagrined.

"Yes, and here's the real kicker... Sesshoumaru actually said she survived because of her 'skills with a blade'. Have you ever heard that ice cube compliment anyone before!" Seigetsu said, beaming proudly at Katsumi. Katsumi snorted at the 'ice cube' comment.

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