A Little Sibling Bonding

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{Three days later}

"Dokugeshi!" Katsumi yelled as she swiped at Seigetsu with her poison claws. He dodged and kicked her, but she grabbed his leg and swung around, kicking him in the face. She let go, but he grabbed her and she fell with him. "Tetsuren!" Katsumi said as she clawed his hand with her youki-hardened nails.

Seigetsu let go out of reflex when he felt the pain, and she flung the youki off of her nails at him. The two siblings jumped back from each other to regain their balance before charging again. Katsumi had not only honed the abilities she already had, but Seigetsu had helped her discover she had two more abilities. Like with her sword, she could channel youki into her claws, and it helped her cut through things she normally couldn't like they were warm butter. She called it Tetsuren. It was a lot like Inuyasha's Sankon-tessou. Like Sesshoumaru, she had poison claws, but hers weren't as dangerous. Katsumi's Dokugeshi worked like an anesthetic or a knock out gas, depending on how intense the dosage was. It was actually great, because if her opponent didn't keep track of the wounds, the poison would keep them from feeling the wound/its severity, and they would weaken themselves from overexertion. It could also come in handy if she needed to treat a fussy patient, like Inuyasha.

"You've absorbed everything I taught you at an incredible speed," Seigetsu complimented her as they fought.

"Thanks, Mom always said I was a quick learner," Katsumi said, grinning.

Sparring with Seigetsu was harsh, but fun. In the past few days, the siblings had formed a bond. When they weren't trying to beat the crap out of each other so Katsumi could get battle experience and test her techniques, the two would joke around and swap stories. She found out Seigetsu had known about her for a while, and he had heard a lot about what Katsumi would be like from their mother already. Seigetsu's father had died in a war against the panther youkais, and he had resented hearing about Katsumi's father since even though he knew Tsukihime wouldn't marry him for another five hundred years or so, she was already thinking about him and her 'new' family. Seigetsu had still been pretty young for an inu-youkai when his father died, and hearing those stories had made him feel like she had already abandoned him, but Katsumi had assured him that she doubted that was the case, and even if it was, Katsumi herself would be his family.

"Come on, Katsumi. We can't eat until you land another blow!" Seigetsu said. "Aren't you hungry?" he taunted her. Katsumi's stomach growled and she blushed in embarrassment.

"Shut up! Just because you have the appetite of a five-hundred-year-old—Don't play dirty!" Katsumi yelled as she shoved her hand over his nose. Seigetsu's eyes widened when he realized what was coming. "Dokugeshi!" She jumped away and kept her guard up until she was sure her brother had really been knocked out by her poison claws. She smiled when she realized she had finally won. "Yeeeeeeeees~!" she cheered jumping up and down. "Victory, at last!" Katsumi felt a chill run up her spine when she sensed the oppressive demonic aura approaching them. "Ok, Sei-onii-sama... time to wake up! I know I didn't give you that big of a dose! Come on, you know I can't take what's coming by myself! Onii-sama!" A familiar scent filled the air. 'Crap!' Katsumi thought.

"Hanyou... what do you think you are doing?" Sesshoumaru demanded coldly. Katsumi froze.

'Crap! I bet he thinks I just attacked his rival/friend(?)... Well, I did, but he said I could!' Katsumi thought, panicking. "U-Um, this isn't what it looks like!?" she said nervously. She was being glared at by a homicidal ice prince, and this time she had no one to back her up... unless her brother woke up.

"Why are you straddling a daiyoukai, hanyou?" Sesshoumaru asked coldly. He knew it was her before he even saw her. Ever since their first meeting, the golden-haired hanyou's scent and appearance had been ingrained in his mind. Sesshoumaru didn't know why, but seeing her kneeling over another male... displeased him. 'Moreover, it's Seigetsu, that moron, of all people,' Sesshoumaru thought.

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