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Ok im doing this half normal cuz im not doing theses long as paragraphs im being lazy today soooooooo.....Enjoy Mhaw<3


(Promyse Pov.)

Len bust through my room  and see another girl unpacking her stuff but she stops an stares at  Len  gives her a death glance..then i says something!!

Promysse:Len this is our new room mate(Yn=Your Name)

Len:Oh....Well Jessica

promyse:Calm down girl he's just boy you lucky he didn't leave yo ass yet

Len:Yea you rite but she has a nice figure an i got this

Promyse:Really -_- i'm pretty sure your body is better

Len:*sigh*Your rite

Promyse:Of course i am now let me see that smile

Len:*smiles creeply*look this*still smiling the same*

Yn:*Make a disgust noise*No not like that

Len:Whats wrong with this smile*frowns*


I immediately rush her out the door giving you the death stare as i closes the door she gives me the evil smirk i swea i just wanted to but luckily im rich so hum*flips hair*(FLASHES BACK IN)C'mon on Len that smile was o...k just dont do it again*pats her back gently

Len's Pov.

Jessica calms me down an i go to the room an see him siting there reading a book i kiss him an invite him to the shower with me for a sorry then i hear Jessica scoff..i turn around with no hesitation!!

Len:*curse her out in japanese*

Jessica:Whats that long have yall been together since like a DAY AGO AN YOUR ALREADY SLEEPING WITH AN FOR ALL THE FUCKS I GIVE YOU AN HIM CAN LICK MY ASS AN KISS IT*Bends over an flashes her ass*

I suddenly see Promyse an Yn come in soon as i get in the position to fit she gets in the same positions....

You:This is going to be good...ayy dont fight yet let me go get my food ok

Promyse:Yea wait 

We stare at each other deadly then we hear some one say ok start we start to jump in the air doing kicks an flips an all that other shitt then i black out an when i black back in both of our face are messed up an our room has holes in the wall and our beds are broken!!

The others sit speechlessly an stand up to clap....

Us:Most amazing thing i've ever seen

Them:*len curse us out in japanese**and this is what jessica says*Yall bitches we are hurt an yall are just standing there i dont want a room with her never did YN switch rooms please i dont want this lil copy kat in in here with me...

YN:Ok ill switch 

Your Pov.

I spend of my time switching rooms luckily i didn't have anything extra in there..Yet but im almost finish just got one more box an im threw wait that is bringing it..he looks familiar i shouldn't ask but i got too...

You:Dont i know you

Boy:Yea...i helped you move in the first time

You:Yea dats where i know you from

Boy:Well im alex..Alex Johnson

You:Nice mines is(YN)

Yall is talking for  while then len walks over being the jealous thing she is he finish off with shaking hands becuz he slips his number in smirk at bit not enough to show len but enough to show him!!

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