Training Montage Time?

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{One week of trekking through feudal Japan's most extreme terrain later...}

"Gyaaaaaaaaaah!?" Katsumi yelled in surprise when she lost her footing and started falling back down the mountainside. She quickly pulled out the sai she had confiscated from a human that had tried to attack her earlier in the week and stabbed it into the rock. She slid down about another foot, but her descent slowed and she came to a stop.

"Phew!" Katsumi sighed in relief. 'Note to self: DO NOT CLIMB MOUNTAINS WHEN IT'S RAINING,' she thought cynically. Honestly, Katsumi wanted to wait for better conditions, but her mother had insisted she had to get to the top of this mountain by the end of the day. If she didn't, Katsumi might not even be born. 'I don't really want to die today either, though...' Katsumi thought as she began climbing again, using the sai to keep herself from slipping again. 'I really miss the others... It's so lonely traveling by yourself...' She gave a silent 'hooray' when she realized that she was finally at the top. She grunted as she pulled herself up and over the edge of the ridge.

"Glad that's over with!" Katsumi exclaimed with relief as she collapsed onto the ground, catching her breath. Katsumi tensed when she felt another youkai's presence. It was similar to Sesshoumaru's, but it wasn't as powerful. Katsumi slowly stood up, putting herself on the defensive.

"Ugh. You don't possess a single ounce of grace in your entire being, do you? Really, I don't know what she sees in a filthy hanyou like you," the youkai said as he stepped forward from the cave he had been hiding in. He wasn't beautiful, but he was very handsome... not really her type, though. This youkai had silver-blue hair that reminded Katsumi of her mother's blue-grey pearl necklace. His eyes were amber, but they weren't a liquid gold like Sesshoumaru's. He also had two stripes on his face. They were purple, and he had indigo lines on his eyelids.

'What is it with all these youkai guys having marks that look like makeup tattooed naturally onto their face?' Katsumi wondered. He was dressed in a style similar to Sesshoumaru too, but instead of white and red, his kimono was a medium blue with a lighter blue wave pattern on the sleeves. His armor was similar as well, but instead of spikes on the shoulder part, his armor had flat sode, like most samurai. "Oh, that's right... you're three-fourths youkai, aren't you? Then it's even more appalling that you didn't sense me sooner. You really don't know how to do anything, do you?" the youkai said. Katsumi wanted to tell the jerk to take his attitude and stick it where the sun don't shine, but starting a fight with some who clearly outmatched her in power, especially without a plan, didn't seem like a good idea.

"At least I have the good manners to introduce myself before I insult someone," Katsumi deadpanned and shot him a brilliant shit-eating grin. The youkai narrowed his eyes at her.

"If I wasn't so afraid of what she would do to me if I killed you, you would be dead where you stand, Katsumi," the youkai growled. Katsumi's ear twitched when she realized he knew her name too, though after hearing him spout out info about her lineage when she shouldn't even exist yet, Katsumi wasn't really too surprised. "I am your half-brother, Seigetsu-sama. Though we share a mother, Tsukihime, I am full inu-youkai." Katsumi stared at him, stunned.

'... Ya know, Mom, a heads up would've been kinda nice!' Katsumi thought. "... Um... okay, then... Hello, Onii-san," she said. Seigetsu grimaced.

"I told you, you may address me as 'Seigetsu-sama.' Call me anything else, and I will hit you," Seigetsu stated sternly. Katsumi sweat-dropped.

"Oh, great, don't tell me we're gonna be like Sesshoumaru and Inuyasha!" she thought out loud.

"You know that bastard!?" Seigetsu growled. Katsumi blinked in surprise.

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